gesture drawings.

turns out today isn’t such a great day to record after all. tomorrow looks more promising.

for now, here are a few sketches recorded at various junctures, all of them done mainly to test a few microphones that were new at the time. they were improvised with the intention of revisiting them later and turning them into full-bodied songs, but that only happened with one of them. as such, the words don’t really make any sense.

some enchanted early evening was the one that i tweaked a bit, which is why it has two different titles. but i’ve yet to record the final version. the seed of it was recorded just as i was coming down with a nasty cold/sinus infection, though for some odd reason it doesn’t really sound like i was sick at the time. or maybe it does, and i just don’t hear it because my ears are inside-out.

now the songs are loading and playing fine for me, so maybe i just needed to send some water through the pipes. or maybe my computer was just playing with me yesterday.

some enchanted early evening


mail box


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