Day: March 5, 2008

My pages have parents and children now.

I’m almost finished the write-ups for the albums on the Discography sidebar at the right. My brain is sore. Just a few more to go.

Some of the descriptions are pretty skeletal, while others seem to end up talking more about what was going on during the recording of an album instead of what’s on the album itself. The idea isn’t to explain everything (because that would take far too long), but to give anyone who’s interested a bit of an idea of what some of these CDs are like.

I’m probably the worst person to write about the music, because I’ve never been able to be very objective about my own stuff. Most of the time I just hear what’s wrong with it, and have rarely been able to divorce myself from a critical position. I always thought it would be interesting to be able to listen to my stuff as if someone else had recorded it, like all the other music I’ve ever listened to, from a different mental space. What can you do?

Anyway. I will probably tweak some of the write-ups over time, adding some bits, getting rid of others, and I hope to soon have album cover images and other such relevant things up there. What fun it be.