Day: March 10, 2008

This bag of oranges has your handwriting on it.

I am in love with this thing:

And someday, she will be mine.

In the meantime, I think I need to set myself a musical deadline of some sort. It’s not something I’ve ever done before, because there was no need for it when I was recording every chance I got. Things are different now. My motivation got misplaced somewhere in the move, and I imagine it’s frozen in the back of the garage by now.

So I will say this: by the beginning of June I will have something new to physically give to people. An EP. A full-length album. A box set. The bloated out-takes collection. A five-part documentary series. Something for when the weather is nice again. Some thing.

Whatever it is, it will have music on it, and it will be new.

And everyone will say, “Johnny West? Who the hell is he?”

And I will say, “You thought I retired, didn’t you?”

And they’ll say, “No…we really didn’t even know you existed.”

And I’ll say, “Now, now…no need to play coy with me.”

And they’ll say, “Please leave us alone, or we’ll be forced to use our pepper spray.”

I can feel the love already.