Day: April 4, 2008

Before you can move the piano, you must first move the elephant.

How to misplace a song in four easy steps:

1/ Write song.
2/ Move into new house.
3/ Lose track of the lyrics in the process.
4/ Say, “Where the hell is it?” repeatedly while looking for lost lyric sheet when you realize it’s missing half a year after the fact.

I remember the first line of the song, and the last line, and nothing in-between. It’s frustrating, because this is one of my favourite things I’ve written on guitar in standard tuning. Until I find the lyrics, wherever they may be, recording the thing is impossible. Searching for one piece of paper in a sea of thousands upon thousands of pieces of paper is going to be fun.

I did decide on a final mix for “Promises”, so that’s something. Mixing the drum and bass tracks was a little tricky, what with the unusually resonant THWUNK sound of my detuned kick drum eating up a lot of the low end. I think I was able to find a good balance between getting it to sit in the mix without EQing its personality away. Funny how just a few years ago I was planning on re-recording the drums and completely remixing everything, and in the end all I really did was tighten up my original eight-year-old mix a little and use a tiny bit more of the synthetic triangle loop that was recorded to serve as a click track.

I don’t know why I only thought to use slapback echo on the drums for this one song and then never tried it again even once. And my initial lukewarm feelings have shifted. Now I think this song is one of my favourite things I’ve ever done. I have no idea why. I could listen to it over and over again.

I now have about two thirds of the songs for that misfits collection mixed to my satisfaction, so it’s getting there. Just need to figure out how to package it and what to do for cover art. I was going to make use of some old pictures, but while I was looking for those missing lyrics last night I found a drawing some person who shall remain nameless sketched of me something like eight years ago. It’s got an interesting look to it. Maybe that would work well as a cover image.

I also need to look at getting some sort of CD label printer and printable recordable CDs of good quality (Taiyo Yuden, where are you?), since working with a media broker to replicate the CDs has become too much of a hassle. It would be nice if I didn’t have to do every single thing myself, but seeing as how incompetence makes the world go ’round, there ain’t but the one way, as Sly Stone would say.

Trying to sequence somewhere between seventy and eighty songs over two CDs in a way that makes sense is going to be a bit like extracting teeth. I’ll leave that mess until all the songs are CD-ready.

Been having some strange musical dreams lately in which I come across songs I’ve recorded that I somehow never knew existed. Some of them are alternate versions of existing songs. Others are unlike anything I’ve ever heard. It’s all good stuff. Of course, I eventually have to wake up and realize none of these songs are real. I wonder what it means.