Just when we were gettin’ over that hump, baby…

Full of surprises, these misfit songs be. Some of these things I’m mixing I haven’t listened to since they were recorded, which means it’s been anywhere from a year or two to eight or nine years since I last heard them. Some songs have been more enjoyable to listen to than I remembered, and easier to mix than I was expecting.

By the same token, some songs I thought were shoe-ins for the collection turned out to kind of…well…suck. Hard. Like a demonic vacuum cleaner set on “annihilate”. It’s a good thing I haven’t committed to anything close to a solid sequence/track order yet.

Since I still have quite a bit of work left to do before everything is finished and I can turn my attention to how best to present the thing as a whole, I thought I might as well post some of the songs that are probably not making the cut, just for fun. Most of these things are just too sketchy to include, I think.

The 2-Step Techno Trumpet Shuffle was really just recorded to test levels, and there’s a big gaping melodic hole in the middle of the song where I walked over to the mixer to make sure the two stereo channels were operating at the same volume. I kind of liked the quick little fake-trumpet idea — still do — but never developed it into anything substantial.

I still intend to turn Very Supersexy into a proper song someday, though I haven’t made my way around to writing lyrics yet. The initial idea came to me seconds after rolling out of bed, and I scrambled to record it before warming up my voice.

They Removed Your Wings was an improvisation around a few ideas and has since gone through some serious changes. I kind of like the little sketch, but it doesn’t seem interesting or fluid enough to justify putting on the album, and it’s missing some of the better instrumental additions I came up with later on.

Distorted Vocal Weirdness is…distorted vocal weirdness. Not one of my more fetching vocal experiments. I felt like messing around with an SM58 and a POD, trying out different effects. I do like the demented ending, at least.

I should probably be spending less time mixing these misfits and more time recording new songs. I was doing that, but I’m so close to being finished with the misfits, and I’ve been chipping away at this project for a good few years now in fits and starts. I think it’s time to see it through to the bitter end.

I’ll probably end up doing it all again in another eight or nine years when there’s another pile of misfits to attend to.

Very Supersexy (sketch)

They Removed Your Wings (sketch)

2-Step Techno Trumpet Shuffle

Distorted Vocal Weirdness

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