So I go insane, like I always do. And I call your name…she’s a lot like you.

There’s something about Daniel Victor that’s always seemed familiar to me. I couldn’t quite figure out what it was. And it wasn’t that I too once sewed Emm Gryner’s angel wings back onto her body in a dramatic music video, only to have the record company tell me it wasn’t what they were looking for at the time. A few months later, there was the video for “The Grace” on MuchMusic. Those dirty thieves.

Obviously I’m joking. I’ve never met Emm Gryner, though maybe I had a dream about her once or twice. I mean, nothing…

I digress. Just the other day it finally hit me why Daniel Victor has always looked so familiar to me. This is a picture of Lindsey Buckingham circa 1984, on the cover of his second solo album Go Insane.

Lindsey Buckingham

This is a picture of Daniel, circa right now, shooting his latest music video.

Daniel Victor

Is it just me, or are there some interesting similarities there? The hair…the stare…even the clothes are not all that different. Normally Daniel’s hair is in a style much more like the one Lindsey is sporting on his album cover, albeit grown out a bit longer. But I couldn’t find any good pictures of it looking like that.

I imagine it’s probably just a coincidence. It’s still pretty startling to me. Either Lindsey was way ahead of his time, Daniel is a closet Lindsey Buckingham/Fleetwood Mac fan (hey! Me too! But I’m not ashamed. Let’s go grab a beer and talk about what a great song “Sara” is), or someone somewhere is still as pissed off as I am that they stopped making chocolate pudding in a tin.

I have vague memories of that stuff from my youth. It tasted so much better than any subsequent chocolate pudding I’ve ever had. I’ll never forgive the man or woman who made the decision to switch to plastic, whoever they are, if they’re even still living. Damn them to hell.

Maybe that’s a little harsh. So instead I’ll say, “Damn them to Hilary Clinton’s handbag.” There. That’s better.

And it’s too bad someone removed Lindsey’s 1982 Saturday Night Live performance from YouTube, because I think it was one of his finest moments — an unhinged take on “Trouble”. He was pretty clearly wired on a certain white powder, but the wild look in his eyes helped spin the simple lyrics into something more interesting and menacing, and he unleashed a great guitar solo at the end of the song that’s nothing like anything on the studio version.

I caught most of this performance on TV back in 1998 or 1999 one afternoon. They were showing old episodes of SNL on Comedy Central at the time, and I heard this interesting-sounding music coming out of my then-almost-stepsister’s bedroom, so I scrambled to find it on my TV. There was Lindsey, looking kind of possessed, belting it out.

Right away I went out and bought his solo album Law & Order and found myself pretty disappointed that the album version of the song was so polished and relaxed. It grew on me, and after a while I decided it was one of my favourite songs of his anyway (his recent overhaul of the song, which is a little too becalmed for my taste, doesn’t count). But it was a happy day when I found that video on YouTube almost ten years after the first and only time I’d ever seen it.

I watched it a few times. And then one day it was gone. I did manage to find a downloadable file version somewhere, but the sound quality is horrible.

Hopefully someday it’ll show up again somewhere in better shape. If someone would put it on a DVD collection, that would be nice. Until that day comes, I’ll be driving around the world in a rusty ice cream truck, searching for someone who has a dusty old VHS tape with the SNL performance on it. It’ll be a long and taxing journey, but I think by the time 2032 rolls around I should have something to show for my trouble.

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