It takes a little thyme sometimes.

Things I have learned over the past week while getting sick for the first time in years:

  • Benylin is disgusting, but it works pretty well. Anyone who can drink enough of it to get high must be pretty sadistic or have no sense of taste. Two spoonfuls is about all I can take. I think I actually prefer the taste of Buckley’s. And anyone who drinks enough of that stuff to get high probably sees God and grows tentacles in the worst possible places.
  • Muffled hearing is not much fun to experience. It’s especially frustrating when you need your ears to record and mix songs with any degree of skill.
  • Fun House by the Stooges will get your ass moving no matter how lethargic and icky you feel. You tell ’em you’re a real low mind, Iggy. You get down with your bad self.
  • Be careful what you fish for.
  • Don’t try to ride it out. Instead, find its hideout, and then shoot it seven times or until movement ceases.

I just realized I haven’t put a new song up here in something like a month. Hopefully I’ll be able to rectify that soon. I’m just waiting for my stupid ears to return to their normal working order. In the meantime, I’ve put up a bit of music in a few places that didn’t have any before, like here. And here. And also here. The Adam Russell stuff is pretty ridiculous and not something I ever listen to, but I thought I should at least put a song up on the album page in case anyone wanted to hear what high-functioning drunk people sound like while improvising.

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