You’ve got a booger bear under there.

The album is done. I never thought I’d get it finished before the misfits collection. Apparently I underestimated the power inherent in the almighty staff of Dominique. What a strange, beguiling creature she be. I tried to woo her once, but she just hissed and hurled golf balls at my head with such precision and skill I could only love her more.

But back to the album. It’s by far the most insanely packed single-disc musical statement I’ve ever made. There are thirty-two songs, plus a hidden track.

I don’t know how well it works as one big connected series of musical tendrils, but it’s difficult to take that many songs and find a running order that shatters every bulb on the Christmas tree at the same time. Still, it seems like the track list I came up with on paper works well, and I don’t feel like tweaking it eighteen times, so it’ll stay that way until someone remasters and reissues it after I die with a revised running order decided by some hip indie rock guy for added scene cred.

All silliness aside, I think this is the best thing I’ve done in a very long time. It’s entirely possible no one else will like it at all and it’ll be way too much music for them to wade through, but that’s alright with me. All I ever really try to do is make the music I want to make, whatever that happens to be at any given time, and hope when the dust clears I can enjoy listening to what I’ve done. If that all works out, then I consider it a success. And if I find myself wishing I could erase the album from the universe, well…I still give it to some people anyway, because as I like to say, you never know when you might need a makeshift coaster or frisbee.

I aim to provide a number of services. Not all of them are recognized, but such is the life of an unsung instant rice assassin.

I’ll be posting some out-takes and songs that just didn’t get finished in time, in case anyone is interested in hearing that stuff. In the meantime, now the packaging fun begins, and I can finish off the last few songs for the misfits collection so that somewhat massive thing can find its way out into the world as well.

And now, since I still don’t have a digital camera to snap sexy pictures so everyone can rate my hotness on a scale from “putrid” to “ass-destroying” (soon, my sweet…soon), here are some new vinyl acquisitions to gaze upon and adore. Or abhor. My birthday is just a little over three weeks away, so I may soon have a turntable, a stylus, and stereo system that will at last do justice to my slowly-but-steadily growing record collection. I’m getting a bulge in my greenhouse over here just thinking about it.

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