robust, like knotted cotton.

“an avalanche in hell” is gone from the world-wide web forever, or at least until it shows up on a proper cd, which probably won’t be too far off in the distance. in its place on spyspace is something i just mixed now. most of it was recorded yesterday, while the drums were tracked today. it would have fit in pretty nicely on the CHICKEN ANGEL WOMAN cd, but it didn’t exist in any form until late yesterday afternoon.

the acoustic guitar is a 60-something-year-old parlour guitar that i think is probably possessed like the other one. it doesn’t quite have the same volume or richness of tone, but it records ridiculously well and doesn’t look too shabby either. for some reason i didn’t feel like writing words, so i just improvised them while recording. as a result, the lyrics don’t really make any sense, but it gave me a good excuse to garble the words so half of them probably aren’t even intelligible.

in other exciting news, i just had a discovery i could have done without. i ordered and received 300 taiyo yuden cd-rs, now that i’m no longer paying a media broker to duplicate/replicate my cds. these are touted as being the best spinning things money can buy, the most reliable, the longest-lasting, and all of that good stuff. i believe that all of this is probably quite true, given their reputation. however, when i burned a copy of the new cd on a few taiyo yuden cds to try them out, i noticed the music sounded different.

it’s a very subtle thing, but the high frequencies seem slightly duller than they are on my master copy, which is on a TDK cd. i made a safety copy from this master copy when i finished/sequenced the album about two weeks ago, also on TDK, and it sounds exactly the same as the original. so it’s not an issue of second generation sound degredation (which isn’t something you have to contend with when you’re working with cds anyway, since we’re a few worlds away from making a cassette tape dub).

maybe there’s something wrong with my brain, or my ears, or both, but i keep listening/comparing and hearing this ever so tiny difference. even though i doubt many other people would hear it, it would drive me nuts if i let the cd out there knowing it didn’t sound exactly the way i know it should, and everyone was hearing something just a little bit different from what i intended. i’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing that my ears are so ridiculously sensitive, i notice a sound difference in an area where most audio professionals are adamant that there is no discernible difference, ever, regardless of what brand of media you use, and you only hear what you want to hear. if that was the case, then the taiyo yuden cds would be the ones that sounded better, because i listened to them with the knowledge that they’ve long been an industry standard and the name that most mastering houses rely on. at least TDK printable cds should be more readily available around here, or so i would hope.

it gets even better; word on the street is that some TDK cds are re-branded taiyo yudens. i don’t know if it’s the different dye that makes the difference in high frequency information, or what. i guess the upshot is that i can still use these 300 taiyo yuden cds for backup purposes…which means i probably won’t have to buy any more blank discs for this purpose, or any other, until the year 2015. of all the stupid things.

but, hey — if TDK ever wants to put together some sort of endorsement deal and pay me an obscene amount of money so they can use my likeness in their advertising, i think it would be pretty hilarious and i’d probably seriously consider it. “JOHNNY WEST — MADE AND PLAYED ON TDK”. not that anything like this would ever happen, because you need to be something of a known artist in order to get a lucrative endorsement deal from anyone, but i still think it would be funny.

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