Day: August 14, 2008

“I always wonder what inspires choreographers…”

My computer is letting me print up CDs once again with no trouble. Oh joyous day. The only thing holding me back now is the packaging business (it seems no one around here wants to make me the cardboard wallet type CD cases I was after, so that may have to wait for a different album), and there’s no way on Satan’s red earth it isn’t all going to be finished by sometime early next week. If people need to die to make it happen, I’ll kill them myself with an angry snarl on my face.

Not that I would expect anyone else to do my killing for me under any circumstances, but you get my drift. Delays can eat my toenails.

While printing up some copies of the new CD the other day (because I am now my own media broker and may eventually have to become my own printing press as well), I was watching some abysmal dreck on MuchMusic for purely sadistic purposes when the VJ said, “Coming up after the break, the hit that sweeped the nation!” while soulfully looking into the camera, and then they cut to commercial.

My brain did a double-take. Then a triple-take. I think you know why. SWEEPED is not a word. The past tense of “sweep” is “swept”.

I’ve known pre-schoolers who know at least that much about grammar and the English language. I know ACORNS who know that much. And acorns have no brain matter at all. It must be nice to get paid to mangle the language horribly on live television without even realizing it. Maybe this is part of the job description for television personalities: “Must be described as ‘dreamy’ by at least 12.3% of our target audience. Must perform sexual favours for your superiors on an as-requested basis. Also, must have a very tenuous grasp of the spoken language. If you’re at all intelligent or articulate, seek employment elsewhere.”

On a less disturbing note, digital camera action be in the house now. Not only is it a pretty cool little point-and-shoot tool, but it records video too, and the quality isn’t half bad. Since I’ve already christened this place with images not borrowed from various places around the internet, I thought I would post a little video to give anyone who’s interested a bit of a look at what things are like in the “studio”, where the soon-to-be-available-at-a-strip-club-near-you new album was recorded along with some things that haven’t yet found their way onto proper albums, and where many subsequent things will be recorded as well. I have some footage showing the space when it was pretty much empty and then evolving as everything was set up and put together, but I can’t put that up here at the moment because the proper video camera and the computer still aren’t speaking to each other yet. I’m hoping to foster a healthy dialogue at some point.

Sadly, this little video here got absolutely hammered in the quality department between the time I recorded it and the time I posted it here. The sound quality suffered an especially grisly fate. I think something went wrong during the conversion, because it didn’t sound anywhere near this bad until the last stage of the process. You can still understand most of what I’m saying, even if my brain was only half-awake at the time and it sounds like I have a scary distorted digital lisp and a bad case of sandpaper throat. Talk about lo-fi…and yet it looks pretty good. It just sounds really bad.

Anyway, enjoy this selective little tour of some music-related things, if enjoyment is possible.