You’re missing a letter from the chain around your neck.

Did some hunting at Canada Salvage today and came away with some new instruments to play around with. I took some pictures.

There are eight different things there.

It was a lot of fun walking around and hitting different objects with fingers and into one another to see what would yield the most interesting sounds, and wondering what the guy working there must have thought when he was asked to price check a few of the different pieces.

The idea here is sometimes you want to add some percussion to a song, but you’re not really interested in drums or typical percussive sounds. There are some things you wouldn’t normally use in a musical setting that reveal interesting melodic sounds and resonances when struck with a finger or another metallic object. So I now have a number of unconventional percussion “instruments” to mess around with when I’d like to experiment with some different sounds.

I also now have a wood guiro (those things you use a wooden scratcher on that sound a bit like very refined frogs — you see them used mostly in Latin music) and a shaker that doubles as an inedible sweet pepper. You could say it was a good day for percussion-related things. And the two lengths of metal pipe I got could double as weapons in a pinch.

You never know when you might need to defend yourself against potential usurpers or show-off musicians in a percussion-based jam session.

On a random note, I think birthdays breed especially strange dreams. On my last birthday I remembered at least seventeen of them. Even when I’m really on my game and rigid about documenting my dreams, I don’t tend to remember quite that much. This time the volume wasn’t as high, but the subject matter was stranger than usual. And given how odd my dreams are most of the time, that’s saying something.


  1. you have a guiro! awesome. i remember playing a guiro back in my show-off percussion jam session days. 😉

    happy birthday again!

  2. happy birthday. got any drawing you’d like to see? I could mail it to you as a gift!

    also, I think I may need your address because I forget if I have it… I forget if you have mine, too, so uh, let me know. 😛

  3. Hey Johnny, happy birthday from me too – was it the 16th?

    Nice scrap metal instruments, very post-postmodern. I look forward to hearing them in action!

  4. Thank you both!

    It was the 16th, yeah. There are some odd musical connections — I have the same birthday as Madonna. Also, Elvis Presley died on August 16th, and so did Robert Johnson.

    And Maya — I’ve got yer new address, and will be using it very soon. I’ll send you mine in an email. I’ll have to do some thinking about a drawing…hmm…

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