Day: August 19, 2008

A song that was sort of written for someone who will never hear it, since they don’t really exist, which is half the fun.

I just put a different new song up on Spyspace. It won’t be there for long, because I’ve been putting too much unreleased new stuff up lately. If I keep doing that I’ll end up leaking an entire new album before it’s even finished.

The current track is something I did this afternoon. It wasn’t a song I really wanted to work on today, but I ended up pulling out an electric guitar that wasn’t the Teisco for a change and decided it was about time I rocked out a little. Well, sort of. It’s a far cry from the sort of “rocking out” I used to do, what with the absence of screaming and swearing and sex talk and such. But the electric guitars are kind of distorted, so there’s that. And the drums are being hit with sticks instead of brushes.

The whole thing could be a lot tidier, and the triple-tracked vocals are sloppy as usual, but I kind of like it in this somewhat rough state, which seems to be the case with a lot of the things I record these days. I was going to add some Wurlitzer or other keyboard(s) and go for a more layered sound, and I tried adding a bit of güiro in one part, but the song apparently wanted to stay relatively stripped down, so it is. The shaker that looks like a tasty sweet pepper makes its recorded debut in place of hi-hat. I wasn’t really feeling the cymbals today. It was also tempting to try out some of the new scrap metal percussion, but I don’t think it would have fit very well in this song. This will probably be the last new thing I put up on Spyspace for a while, so dance the Macarena with gusto while you can.

I can’t get over how good that cheap little old tube amp sounds with an SM57 in front of it. I’m digging the gruntiness. It gets a lot chunkier when it’s turned up louder, and I need to record some things with heavier-sounding guitars…it’s been too long. Even though it was neglected for a ridiculous amount of time, I think that little amp will be seeing a lot of action on future CDs.

And now, the news everyone’s been waiting for (ha!): THE CHICKEN ANGEL WOMAN WITH A TRIANGLE will finally be ready to go out into the world this week — within a day or two, I think. It’s about time. This means I will soon be forcing copies on random and not-so-random people. Joy to the squirrels.