It finally happened.

You know that CHICKEN ANGEL WOMAN thing I’ve been talking about for a while now? It’s ready at last to spread its wings and fly. Although, if you think about it, the titular character probably wouldn’t need to use her chicken wings to take flight, since she is part angel.

The inserts are finished, and I’ve been working on making copies of the CD as quick as I can — which isn’t all that quick, since I’m not entirely comfortable with insane burning speeds using a drive that isn’t optimized for that kind of use. But it’s quick enough that within a few days I should have somewhere near a hundred copies to play with.

This means over the next little while I will be folding an absurd amount of inserts, putting them into jewel cases, copying more CDs, putting those CDs in said jewel cases, and then thrusting the assembled albums at random people around town, along with sending some to people in the mail. As tedious as some of that stuff can get, it’s actually kind of fun because it’s been so long since I’ve had a new album to go through this whole process with. I’m looking into maybe getting some copies of the CD situated at a few different places around town so the three people who want to hear it can get it from someone/somewhere other than me.

I’m really curious to see how people react to the album. I still say it’ll surprise the bodily fluids and almost-solids out of me if anyone really likes it and has the stamina to sit through the whole thing from beginning to end, but we’ll see what happens. Let the fun begin.


  1. Johnny, looking forward to your new CD! And I’m sure if you need any help in the assemblage, volunteers would be kicking around to slog away.

  2. For some reason, the image of people folding inserts, taking jewel cases apart, and putting them back together again to help me package my CDs cracks me up. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the whole homegrown production line thing or something, and the fact that no one has ever offered to help before (it seems you couldn’t pay most people to do that sort of thing for you, since they find just the thought of doing it so completely mind-numbing). That there are people who would even want to help with such a potentially boring task is certainly appreciated, and surprising, but I’ve pretty much got it taken care of already…yesterday I went a little crazy with putting that stuff together, and I did some more this afternoon. Now I think I’ve got enough done to last me for a while. I might be making some deliveries/CD runs tomorrow depending on what’s going on, so I’ll definitely get a copy over to you if I’m out and about.

  3. you’d be surprised, johnny. some people like boring, meditative tasks. i guess i should have asked folks to help me disassemble my cds after they were soaked in a flood in my storage unit. to dry them out, wipe off the cds themselves, and reassemble; fun, I tell you! at any rate, i find boring tasks a good time for people to get together, help one another out and a chance for conversation. but that’s just me. maybe next time.

  4. Hi Johnny, looking forward to hearing it. Have you thought of putting this one on CD Baby too? Not putting pressure on, just a suggestion!


  5. I hadn’t really thought of CDBaby, but it might be something worth looking into, as strange as it would be to get paid. I’d have quite a time trying to figure out which songs to provide audio samples of, though, given how many of them there are!

    And I think you’re right, Leesa…I find it kind of fun, anyway, putting all the CDs together. I just assumed most people wouldn’t get much enjoyment out of it, and when I asked the folks at Minuteman Press (where i get the inserts printed) once if they would be willing to fold them and put everything together for me, they said there was no amount of money that could ever persuade them to do it. It probably would be a fun time to get a ragtag group together and get a bunch done. But I only got 100 inserts made up to start, which didn’t take me that long to fold and put together, and I imagine it’ll be a while before I need more, assuming I ever do…I don’t tend to move a lot of CDs. Though I do plan on sharing this one with more people than I normally do.

    I asked Tom at Phog if I could give him some CDs so people would have a place they could get them in case they don’t know how to contact me directly, and he told me he’s open to that. If the unthinkable happens and it becomes a hot item or something, I’ll get a lot more inserts made and we can have a folding-and-clicking shindig or something (although in that case copying the CDs would become a bit of a nightmare and I might have to look at having them duplicated/replicated elsewhere). HMV has turned out to be a surprisingly good source for the CD cases themselves, which I never expected, given how lame that place tends to be these days when you’re not all about Avril and whatever is currently tearing up the charts.

  6. I was surprised once to go into hmv and find not only that Stina Nordenstam’s most recent album was on the shelves (I already had ordered it online assuming it would hard to get), but I picked up for $5 a limited edition cd of Astrud Gilberto’s The Shadow of Your Smile in a nice little cardboard case that made it look like a tiny LP record (in the bargain bin of course, since no one else within 100km had ever heard of her).

    But yeah, hmv are crap usually.

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