basket shift, how i long to dance with you.

it might need a new ribbon, and the scanner doesn’t quite do it justice, but yeah. there’s a WORKING manual typewriter in the house now. hold onto your undergarments…’cause it’s gonna be a loud, clacking good ride.


  1. the thing is so much fun, it’s ridiculous. and it’s funny…when i first started typing on it, it felt very strange and unnatural. i haven’t used a manual typewriter or anything like one in well over a decade, so i had forgotten how much more finger strength is required. typing on a computer keyboard is laughably easy in comparison. but then i started typing a letter to someone, and after a little while it was like my hands woke up and said, “hey…we remember this!” before i realized what was happening, i was using all of my fingers again and not having any trouble with the hammers not striking the ribbon hard enough like i did initially. and before long we became one. so be careful next time i see you, because if you rub up against my ribbon you might get some ink on you. wait, what? that sounds…wrong. see? this is what old manual typewriters do to me. but anyway. i look forward to giving/sending people typewritten letters. there’s something fun and quirky about it, to me at least.

  2. !
    ah, the original typewriter font. although i guess it’s not really a font if it actually is a typewriter… anyway. i can see how typing on that (and the look of the text, which i think actually looks kind of cool a bit faded like that) would be inspiring.
    i loaf it!

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