Basket shift, how I long to dance with you.

It might need a new ribbon, and the scanner doesn’t quite do it justice, but yeah. There’s a WORKING manual typewriter in the house now. Hold onto your undergarments…’cause it’s gonna be a loud, clacking good ride.


  1. The thing is so much fun, it’s ridiculous. And it’s funny…when I first started typing on it, it felt very strange and unnatural. I haven’t used a manual typewriter in well over a decade, so I forgot how much more finger strength is required. Typing on a computer keyboard is laughably easy in comparison. But then I started typing a letter to someone, and after a little while it was like my hands woke up and said, “Hey…we remember this!” Before I realized what was happening, I was using all of my fingers again and not having any trouble with the hammers not striking the ribbon hard enough like I did initially. And before long we became one. But anyway, I look forward to giving/sending people typewritten letters. There’s something fun and quirky about it, to me at least.

  2. !
    ah, the original typewriter font. although i guess it’s not really a font if it actually is a typewriter… anyway. i can see how typing on that (and the look of the text, which i think actually looks kind of cool a bit faded like that) would be inspiring.
    i loaf it!

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