Those who believe in telekinesis, raise my hand.

Wanna see something crazy? Check out at what’s at #2 on the CJAM charts here. And then take a look at what’s at #1 over here.

How the hell did that happen? I mean, I’ve had a few CDs of mine make it onto the CJAM charts before, which is always surreal to see, but I don’t think it’s ever happened this insanely fast. I gave copies to three or four people I know at the station about a week ago, and that was it. I didn’t expect anyone would want to give the thing much airplay. I also never thought I would do something that could fit into the folk/roots/blues category or be eligible to chart in that realm.

I think it’s safe to say I’ve never been on two different charts simultaneously, let alone occupying the top two spots on both of them. It’s madness, I tell’s ya.

Huge thanks to everyone at CJAM who’s been playing my stuff. I didn’t see that coming at all. I was thinking about sending a copy of the new CD to Definitely Not the Opera (the CBC radio show) just for fun, so maybe this is a sign that I should spam a few random radio stations with my noise, complete with typewritten plays about mafia organizations within the insect kingdom. I figure my chances of getting someone to listen to a CD this way are at least 800% better than they would be if I were still wasting my time and resources sending CDs to record labels.

Also, I think I’m going to buckle down and try to figure out a way to put that bloated misfits collection together so it makes some amount of sense instead of putting it off indefinitely, if only so I can keep it roughly where it is in the discography sidebar, because I think it looks nice there. There are three or four songs I still need to finish/mix, and then I get to have endless amounts of fun trying to sequence a three-CD set and figuring out how to package such a thing.


  1. congratulations johnny!!!
    i love when i turn on my car and hear your voice, then i ask myself “did i leave that cd on?” but no. it’s the radio playing something that deserves radio time, unlike the mindless generic bullshit i hear on every other station.
    keep on rocking in the free world.

  2. Thank you, Erin! I will keep on rocking until I’m confined to a rocking chair, and probably even after that. ‘Cause then I can record the sound of the rocking chair and turn it into part of the rhythm of the song for added fun. I’ll start a whole new genre of music, and all the other old guys in rocking chairs will get in on the action. Rolling Stone magazine will run an article comparing different kinds of chairs and their tonalities. Hey, it could happen…

  3. congrats!! that is so awesome 🙂 I wish I lived around so I could hear you on the radio as well … I’m looking forward to hearing your new album even moreso now!

    also, a chair as an instrument would be awesome. imagine the possibilities pairing the rocking with a squeaky floorboard…

  4. A CD will be going out to you tomorrow, so hopefully it won’t take too long to get to you. And you can stream the station from your computer at CJAM’s website, though whether you’ll hear me or not is entirely down to chance. It happened to me today, though. I was listening while messing around on the ‘puter, when suddenly I heard one of my songs. And then the DJ said, “We just heard a track from Johnny West, a Windsor artist, from his new album ‘The Chicken Angel Woman with a Triangle’ — a lovely track called ‘Weak Bladder Blues’.” I cracked up. That was pretty surreal. Here’s a show that plays Americana, folk, roots, blues, alt-country type stuff, and there I am right in the thick of it with a urine-soaked acoustic track. Craziness.

    I think there’s a bit of chair on the new CD! Even though it was sort of unintentional. In a few songs you can hear it creaking a bit. And the sound of the old electric piano’s sustain pedal going “ka-chunk” is in there somewhere too. I like leaving in little imperfections like that.

  5. johnny! congrats! you are the best. they know what’s good. must be surreal for sure. most definitely send around to all appropriate CBC shows. anna and i were talking about how they need to start playing way better stuff. real stuff. instead of, as anna put it, “any Canadian band of 20year olds that sounds like coldplay”

  6. You have to admit, though, that when Nik and I did a duet version of the Coldplay song “The Scientist” at your place a few weeks ago it was pretty powerful stuff. I think grown men were weeping down the block, moved by the beauty that was on display.

  7. it happened to me today…i get in the car, turn on cjam, and what is playing? …how much wood can your significant other chop…if you significant other could chop wood…

  8. Hey Johnny, I told you this would happen. You have to accept that you make GOOD music and that the masses aren’t all asses. Congrats again on making a musical collage of geniousity!! I love it!!!!

  9. But will there be throngs of groupies desperately trying to get a lock of my hair so they can cryogenically freeze it until it reaches its maturation and becomes a hot item on eBay? That’s the big question.

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