Just a little heads-up.

So, I was just told Craig Norris at CBC Radio 3 has chosen one of my songs to be the New Music Canada track of the day on his show tomorrow.

Holy shit, Batman.

This calls for a picture.

Just add about ten years of additional hair, a pierced ear, and an unruly face bush, and there you have it.


  1. Thanks…and that’s a picture of me, believe it or not! Back when I had short hair, long ago. I’ve always found it amusing, mostly because of the face I’m making. I don’t think it can ever be duplicated, though I should try taking a picture of myself in the present day making a similar face to compare the change in appearance.

  2. I like that shirt too! I don’t know if it still fits me, but I need to do a little search and find where it’s packed away. It’s high time the fabric and I rekindled the flame of shirt-on-torso love that has been lying dormant all this time…

  3. wow, it’s awesome hearing your song up there!
    could you be part of “the scene” now? beware! flee the scene!

    it’s funny that he read some of your letter, and nice that he liked it.
    i like craig too. i re-watched the in-session with him and the hylozoists too. his sarcasm is funny.

    also, you don’t give yourself enough credit, smoohead. people always pay attention to your stuff. but i guess your “inspiring and self-deprecating” ways won mr. norris over!

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