Day: October 6, 2008

Nothing says “I want to dance with you in zero gravity” like a homemade box set.

I recently made a “JohnnyBox” for a friend.

While it isn’t anywhere near being a complete collection, there are somewhere in the neighbourhood of twenty-five CDs in there, many without cases or proper cover art, which led to some fun when coming up with CD designs that allowed me to relay all of the pertinent information on the discs themselves. It also smells nice inside.

Because of the work involved, I rarely do this. But every once in a while it’s fun to put a thing like this together. There’s even a little ID tag on the bottom, in case the box ever tries to escape from its owner and ends up in the wrong hands. I’d decorate the outer shell, but I would just end up defiling it without intending to, and I kind of like the way it looks as-is.

And now for the main event. If you’ve been longing for a bloated collection of music that touches on some of my invisible adventures as a musical fish over the past almost-decade, you’re in luck, because the long-in-development OUT-TAKES, MISFITS & OTHER THINGS compilation is just about finished. My sequencing ideas seem to be working well enough, the first and third discs are in finished form, and all that’s left to do is finish mixing two more songs, hope the sequencing works out for the second disc, and then figure out how to package the thing.

I doubt it’s something that will interest many people. We’re talking about three hours of music and close to seventy songs here, and that’s after being whittled down rather savagely from the insane collection it could have been. Even in scaled-down form, there’s no way it can work as a proper album, and I’m not sure if anyone will have the stamina to listen to the whole thing in one sitting. But it felt like something that needed to be done.

I’m going to try and get it release-ready within the next month or so if I can. The main potential stumbling block is the booklet, which will be pretty thick, what with all the stories behind the songs. Worst case scenario, if no one wants to go to the trouble of making me something suitably hefty in booklet form, I’ll just put all the info up here on the appropriate album page.

I need to write/record some more ukulele-based songs now that I have a uke that doesn’t suffer from poor intonation. I also have an idea for a cover song I’m pretty excited about, though it might be difficult to incorporate into a proper album. Maybe I’ll put it up here if it turns out well enough. I think it’ll be pretty surprising. All I’m going to say about it right now is that it’s a hit from the ’80s that will be altered to the point of being almost unrecognizable, but the soul of it will still be left intact, albeit warped to suit my own purposes.