I has a harmonica.

My trusty old D harmonica, which is coming up on its tenth birthday, has sadly been missing in action since moving into this house. I probably would have used it a bit on CHICKEN ANGEL WOMAN if I’d been able to locate it. It wasn’t to be.

However, I now have a new, altogether different harmonica, and this is by far the coolest-looking harp I’ve ever seen. Huge thanks to Michael for sending it to me. Check out the detail of the designs on the top and bottom — you can click on the pictures to enlarge them for “super sexy close-up vision”.

The most important thing is now, at long last, I can look all scary and intimidating again with my harmonica holder slung just so.

Haven’t been accomplishing too much lately thanks to the return of the unintended vampire sleep schedule, but there’s nothing like the love of a good harmonica to get you back on track. I have at least been making a lot of copies of that MISFITS collection so there will be enough of them to go around by the time I get the inserts and booklet made and pick up the appropriate chubby CD cases.

Chrissie Hynde gave me a good song idea in one of my dreams the other night. Memphis Minnie is going back to Texas, with Kansas Joe McCoy in tow. Fingers keep on finging. Baby, please don’t go down to New Orleans. Van Morrison wants you to stay. And so forth.


  1. whenever you feel ready, let’s hang out again. i have another present for you, and it will help you get to sleep when you want to. and it’s non medical/chemical/evil.

  2. Something to hit myself in the head with until I become unconscious? Yay!

    I’ll shoot you an email. I just fixed the sleep, so for now I am experiencing daylight once again. My eyes! They burn!

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