Shoelaces of the world, untie.

Happy Hollow Wiener.

Halloween came a few days early for me this year, and there wasn’t any treat about it, but I don’t really feel like rehashing the details here because I would end up writing so much a single post would stretch all the way down the page. And that wouldn’t be right.

Those of you who know what happened will understand. And those of you who don’t, well…blow a kiss into the air, ’cause you never know who might be there.

Anyway. Pleasant dreams.


  1. you know, you could totally pull off going as michael jackson for halloween. you’d just have to shave, dye your face chalk-white, get rid of your nose, and… well, look a lot stranger and scarier. but, yeah, it could work!

    i’m sending some halloween loaf your way. it’s the same as regular loaf, only it’s protected by witches and ghosts and zombies and the like. and is black and orange, like your blog.

  2. Oh My God! Just add more makeup and lipstick and it’s my Ex. (which doesn’t say much for me….but we will leave that alone won’t we?)

  3. Thank you for the Halloween loaf. I pre-heated my oven and watched it rise just so. Also, holy shit…I think I would scare myself if I wore that mask. That’s some frightening face action.

    And who could forget Straw Dog? She’ll always be a part of us, Ismal! Let her immortal words live on, like spinning tires flecked with snow.

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