Day: November 2, 2008

Sierra hotel India tango.

An excerpt of the interview Adam did with me a few weeks back (available in its entirety right over HERE) is in this month’s issue of WAMM in transcribed form, along with a picture of me looking intense and jazzy. Thanks to Stephen and Adam. I’m not so sure about all that “genius” talk, though. I think the appropriate word is “gesundheit-ish”.

Oh, and look — it’s a hammered dulcimer!

I picked this thing up in Guelph on Friday. Every time we go to Folkway I end up leaving with something completely different from what I plan to get. I never thought I would have any interest in a dulcimer of all things, but Johnny Smith pointed it out to me when I was staggering around without much direction, I started playing the thing, and the rest speaks for itself. Or it would speak for itself, if it was blessed with the gift of speech. Instead it just grunts.

I doubt I’ll ever come close to mastering the instrument in any conventional way (check out this lady — how do you even do that?), but I can at least get some interesting sounds out of it, and it’s a fun tool to add to the belt. The belt of tools, I mean. It’s even somewhat portable, which doesn’t seem possible given the design of the thing. In a hard shell case it somehow isn’t much larger or heavier than a vintage bass.

I think it’s safe to say the MISFITS compilation thing will be release-ready within the next week or two, once the packaging side of things is taken care of. So I should be able to start spreading it around by the second week of this month. Hopefully. I put a few of the tracks up on Spyspace just for something to do.

As for the plan to get another two albums of new material out there by the year’s end, well…that might have been a little optimistic. But I’m going to try to get at least one of them finished before bells start jingling and undead choirs start singing.