Pancakes can be lovers too.

little green guy

So, there’s been a slight change in plans.

The goal to get two more albums of new material out before the end of the year was a little insane. Under different circumstances it might have been somewhat realistic, but this isn’t the year it’s going to happen. At least now OUT-TAKES, MISFITS & OTHER THINGS is no longer a fuzzy thing stuck in my hair saying, “Hey! HEY! Why don’t you finish me already?” and I’ll be able to start giving it to whoever wants it early next week.

In the realm of non-compilation stuff, allegiances have shifted. Hearts have been broken. The album that will house songs like “Don’t Be Tense” and “An Avalanche in Hell” has been pushed aside for the moment, and the piano-heavy album has taken over.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure I’ll keep recording songs that will end up on the guitar-heavy CD, whatever it ends up calling itself, whenever it emerges in finished form. But right now I’m feeling the pull of the piano, and I think it’s only right to give the new beast some love. It’s not all about the piano and nothing else — I’ve been giving my new ukulele some action too.

Got two uke songs finished yesterday, and I’m tempted to put one of them up on Spyspace for a little bit because I like the way it came out. It’s probably one of the catchiest things I’ve done in a while. It’s very strange playing a ukulele that actually stays in tune up the neck. The wonders of proper intonation!

As with CHICKEN ANGEL WOMAN, I can sense a certain ethos starting to come into focus. But I don’t want to tell the album what to be. So I’ll just try to stand back and let it do what it wants to do.

Whatever the end result may be, expect to hear lots of quirky instruments, a ton of piano, and the occasional bit of intentionally off-key bugle flatulence. I’m going to try with all my spite to get the whole thing finished before 2008 trickles away. I can’t promise I’ll pull it off, but I think I’ve got at least a 50/50 chance. Worst case scenario, MISFITS should keep you raising your eyebrows and questioning my mental health for a while.

As for the picture up there, that’s a new friend of mine. I have no idea what kind of insect he is. I’ve never seen anything quite like him before. He’s about the size of a ladybug, if that, and I’ve seen him crawling around on the walls upstairs over the past few days. He moves incredibly slow for someone with as many legs as he has, as if it takes a great amount of effort for him to work up any amount of momentum, but he eventually gets where he wants to go.

I tried taking a picture of him head-on, and it came out kind of blurry because he’s almost always in motion and it’s difficult to get a full frontal shot of someone when they’re moving all vertical-like on the wall, no matter how slow they are.

little guy blurry

I’m not sure where he came from or how long he plans on hanging around here, but I think he needs a name. I bet he’s a Thelonious Monk fan too.


  1. I propose that we have a contest and everyone submit names and then we have a collective vote to determine the bestest name and the winner gets an incredible gift to be announced later.

    I submit the name Frankie.

    Now who’s next?

  2. well i think ole sherman is a “green stink bug”, so ya better watch out! i’m sure the late season and cold weather is gettin’ to his old leg bracts, hence he slow and deliberate movements. or maybe he’s stalking you?

  3. Sherman Beauregard Walken no relation to Christopher. I think we have a winner. Prizes to Leesa and margaret be announced tomorrow. Stay Tuned!!!!!

  4. due to size of the gifts there has been a delay so be patient Margaret and Leesa as the winnings prizes should be in soon

  5. Where are you, Sherman? You should be here to bask in the glory and congratulate Leesa. But you’re either in the basement somewhere, or you moved onto another house where hopefully no one has disturbed you and found out just how much foul-smelling stuff you’re capable of secreting. Well, you’re here in spirit anyway.

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