Day: November 11, 2008

The misfits are here. Don’t mind the blurriness.

a stack of cds

At long last, the first thing i’ve ever done that comes with a proper booklet is all packaged and ready to go. Hello Julia. I’ve been a little busy today folding inserts and putting jewel cases together, as you can see.


It didn’t really hit me just how packed with text the booklet was until I was holding the finished product in my hands. There are no suggestive pictures of me inside. Sorry to disappoint anyone who was hoping for that sort of thing. But hopefully there will be a few things of interest in there for those who are curious about where some of the songs came from.

I grabbed the opportunity to take a few shots at usurpers from my musical past in the booklet. Not that there’s a very good chance any of them will ever read the words directed at them, but still. Score!

One thing I’d like to point out for anyone who bothers to read the thing — I caught this after the fact, and it isn’t exactly a typo (I don’t think I made any of those), but it’s something I should have worded differently.

Early on, while discussing the song “Bloody Chicago (Morning)”, I write that it doesn’t sound half bad for being “one of the first things I ever recorded, using equipment that was still foreign to me at the time”. The emphasis should be on using equipment that was still foreign to me. That comma shouldn’t be there, because it makes it sound like this was one of the first things I ever recorded, period. And that’s very far from being the case.

What I should have written was something more like, “This doesn’t sound half bad for being one of the first things I ever recorded digitally.” I’d been recording albums on cassette tape for quite a long time at that point. They just weren’t things anyone ever got to hear, and it was exciting to finally be able to record in a more professional way, or at least in such a way that the end result would be on a CD instead of a cassette.

Glad we got that cleared up.

The important thing is I’ll be able to start spreading this thing around tomorrow, sending CDs out in the mail, giving them to people in person, and all of that fun stuff. For anyone who was sitting around thinking, “I hope that weird guy who made that weird CD with a Chicken Angel Woman on the cover puts out a bloated collection of songs that have fallen by the wayside over the years and throws in a thick booklet completely free of photographic content,” your prayers have been answered.