Moo, cow. Moo like ne’er you moo’d before.

Sherman has moved on for greener pastures, or maybe just someone else’s house. My life is dismal and empty now. Sherman! Where you be?!

But seriously. It struck me after the fact that the “thank you” section at the end of the MISFITS booklet doesn’t thank everyone who’s deserving. I’m not used to writing those sorts of things, and there’s a good chance it’s the only time I’ll ever make an attempt.

One thing I want to address is the bit where I call out some people who have been flakes and absentee friends — the people who have occasionally made me wonder why I bother trying to connect with anyone. There are a lot of them (far too many names to list here), but then there are also a lot of people — aside from those thanked in print — who have bucked the trend and managed to make it seem like maybe it was worth experiencing all of the ceaseless indifference and rejection after all, if only to find a little strobe light at the end of the tunnel. You know who you are. And if you don’t, well…I will appear to you in a dream and tell you how wonderful you are.

While we’re on the topic, it’s come to my attention that the silver CDs I used for some copies of MISFITS may be a little dodgy. Normally I’d stick with the white Taiyo Yudens I used for CHICKEN ANGEL WOMAN, but I don’t have many of those left (gotta order more) and thought I’d throw in some silver ones, since they’re supposed to be up there in the pantheon of high quality CD-Rs as well. Apparently they’re not.

So if you end up with silver CDs and they give you any trouble, let me know and I’ll get you some replacements pronto.

Remember when I thought I’d never need to order any more Taiyo Yuden CDs for the rest of my life because I had a few hundred of them and I didn’t think I’d go through many copies of CHICKEN ANGEL WOMAN? Yeah. Those were the days.


  1. i’ll be your sherman replacement and i’ll be better!
    i think i may be one of these people you’re talking about, only because of what you wrote in my letter. but you still haven’t answered why?

  2. i think sherman mutated and is now at my place. he’s now a centipede crawling all over my clothes in my closet. what did i do to you, sherman?!

  3. I have not forgotten about the prize for naming Sherman and it will be given before Christmas. Truth be told Sherman has been out searching for the perfect gift. Happy to announce that he found it and is trying to find his way back home…..Sherman pleasssssssssssssssse c’mon home….we all miss you………

  4. Bri — yes, I believe that would count. I don’t think I show up in the dreams of very many people, so when I do appear it tends to have some profound symbolic meaning. I know this because Carl Jung told me himself.

    He said, “Johnny…every time you appear in someone else’s dream, it has some profound symbolic meaning.”

    And I said, “Yeah? What’s it mean?”

    And he said, “Well, that’s different for every person. For me personally, when you show up in one of my dreams, you could cut the sexual tension with a butter knife.”

    And I said, “Why, Carl…you devil, you…”

    And then we danced like lovers in Japan.

    Wait. That’s a Coldplay song. Scratch that, then.

    Erin — the reason is, basically, for being Erin. It’s a long story. I’ll tell you sometime over tea or something. I’ll say, “So, it’s ’cause you were being you, and you’re still you…so therefore, you remain yourself.” And you’ll say, “I drove for fifteen minutes to hear this? Where’s the cutlery?!” And all will be revealed.

    Leesa — I’m glad to hear Sherman is enjoying life as a different creature. Apparently insect reincarnation is real! I should have listened to that homeless guy with the pockmarks who told me he had seen me on TV, as if I were a celebrity of some sort.

    Ismal — Macarena. Also, macaroni. Also, minestrone.

  5. that picture is the most disturbing thing i’ve seen on the internet in years… and that’s saying somethin’.

    only digested bits and pieces of the (even newer) new release johnny – can’t wait to gorge on the entire thing.

    coffe/beer/heroin soon?


  6. Dawson’s crying face is pretty unsettling, isn’t it? Even better is the four second video clip of him on YouTube trying to look like he’s sobbing, when really it just looks like he’s experiencing an involuntary series of painful facial spasms.

    I’m down for some heroin and/or coffee, for sure. Afternoons are best for me right now, since I’m back on the day shift. Let me know if there are any particular days/times coming up that are good for you.

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