Day: December 18, 2008

Listen to your junkman; he’s singing.


It’s been a while since I’ve posted music here. I’ve been mostly sticking to mixing things up every so often on Spyspace. It’s about time I changed that.

Here are a few songs that will not be making their way onto the CD I’m in the process of putting together, though there were a few tense moments when I thought some of them might sneak in there. “Out-takes” seems a little mean, so we’ll call them “unlicensed penguin therapists” instead.

I’ll Make a Mockery of You Yet, My Dear

This is one I talked a bit about over here. It felt like it was missing something until I hit on the idea of adding some ukulele strumming and changing my approach behind the drums. Then I grew to like it more. But it still felt a little too much like a playground where I worked out some ideas that would soon be carried over to a song called “Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fondue”. That one will be on the album, because I think it’s a better, more meaningful song and it looks better in a three-piece suit.

This is like that song’s little brother. I like him alright, but I don’t feel he’s ready yet to hang out with the big kids. And while the mix could be better, I don’t feel much like taking another pass at it right now when there are other songs to get down and dirty with. There’s also a line in there that shows up almost verbatim in another song that will probably end up on the album, so that’s another reason to hold it back.


A tiny song that was recorded when the piano was in need of a tuning (as were all of these songs, really). Again, I like it well enough, but it isn’t going to fit on the album. It would seem a little too much like filler. So for now it’s relegated to the temporary graveyard of homeless songs where it joins a lot of other things that will either end up on different CDs eventually or land on a future misfits compilation.

Fennel Cake

This one is…yeah. You get the idea. It’s not that I dislike it. Just doesn’t belong on the album. I was going to post two different versions. The first was a “demo”, if you like, recorded using the trusty old digital piano to get the idea down. I’m not sure where that one is at the moment, though, and I’m too lazy to mix it even if I could find it. The second take is this one, featuring the real piano, and it would give you a good example of what a difference the real piano makes if the first version were here…but it isn’t.

I felt iffy about this track until I started adding things to it, and then I started to like it more. It still doesn’t feel like album material, but at least it can show itself in public without shame, baring its midriff and dancing to music no one else can hear.

So there’s a little non-preview that might give you a bit of an idea of what to expect from about 12% of the album, only not, because none of these songs will be on the album. Who could ask for anything more?

Also, I think I might have to record or perform a cover version of “I Heard It Through the Grapevine”. On the ukulele. It’ll rock your world, it will.