2009…you sure look fine.

the amazing double-sided spiderman pillow!
Happy New Year everybody.

I know what you’re thinking: nothing ushers in a new year like a Spider-Man pillow that’s probably twenty years old by now. Hopefully it’ll be the year for random horrible bullshit to leave me alone for a while. I’d say it couldn’t possibly be as bad as the last bit of 2008 became, but then I’d probably jinx myself. So instead I’ll say, “Piss on you, 2008. You were good to me for a while, only to reveal your true machiavellian colours when I let my guard down. I won’t make that mistake again. Oh, wait…look at that! You’re gone! Have a nice trip to wherever it is you years go when you end, never to be experienced again. I hope you contract several painful STDs on your way there.”

Moving on…

I just about cracked ten thousand blog views on New Year’s day. That’s a funny little almost-milestone. Ten thousand hits is pretty small potatoes in the blogosphere at large, but for me that’s far, far beyond anything I thought this site/blog/thing would ever achieve, never mind in less than a year. I didn’t even imagine I would still be updating it this far along. To be sure, some months I haven’t had much to say, while other months I’ve posted useless random information every other day. But regardless of where my head is at, you know I’m always here for you. So come sit next to Johnny, light up your Popeye candy cigarette, and tell me all your troubles.

But seriously, I’d like to thank everyone who has been reading this thing and interacting with me here. You’ve made me feel like it really is worthwhile to have something that resembles a website — something I had serious doubts about for a long time — even if it still looks like Halloween around here and I’ve seriously toned down the profanity over the last little bit. What the fuck is up with that? I mean, shit, man. I don’t think it was even a conscious thing. It just happened. What a bunch of urine-marinated horseshit.

Dirty words! DIRTY WORDS! I still know how to type them. And you better believe I’ll keep singing them too.

New album coming soon. I’d say it should be airborne in about a week. Everything has been recorded/mixed/mastered and sequenced. I just need to get the inserts printed up and go through the whole folding-and-putting-jewel-cases-together dance again. And then I’ll hire a team of self-possessed donkeys to circulate the thing so I don’t have to do it myself. Eee-aww. I don’t know if you’ll dig the album, but I’ve been barhopping with it lately and we’ve been getting along alright. I tell you, you’re a good kid, new album. Even if you’re just spinning plastic, you smell pretty good to me. Now shake that frozen maraca and show me your stuff.


  1. Happy New Year and what a great way to start the Year with a sneak listen to the new CD today. I won’t reveal the Title or songs but I will say that I really enjoyed listening to all 22 tracks today while driving. I will be listening to it many more times as I find I always enjoy this given the nuances of each song.

    Although some may say that I am biased I disagree and state for the record that I love the songs and journey that I went on while listening.

    The vocals, lyrics, variety of instruments, etc. is extemely well done. I have a few favorite songs that I will comment on after the CD is officially released. But I say, as I have said before, I think Johnny West is brilliant and his music on this CD once again will stand the test of time.

    Congratulations on this great work and getting this CD finished so quickly, especially under the circumstances of 2008. I am very very very very very very very proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and you should be too!

  2. I saw the best live performance of 2009 the other night at Phog Lounge in Windsor. Congrats to Johnny West and Adam Fox for bringing the house down. Kudos to the other musicians for great music and to make the evening even more special thank you to the great company at our table – you know who you are! What a great way to start the New Year. Thank you.

  3. Congratulations Johnny West on having your CD Chicken Angel Woman with a Triangle being chosen as one of the best albums of 2008 by WAMM!!!

  4. Congratulations from me too – well deserved! Looking forward to hearing this new one!

    What about giving us a full run-down of the Phog gig???

  5. Just gave to say that I love the new CD “An Absence of Sway”. Kudos to Johnny West for sharing great music in the New Year.

  6. Thank you’s. I shall do my best to keep the romance alive. Run-down of the strangeness that was the Phog gig coming soon…as soon as my laptop decides to be a good little boy and stop stealing the soap.

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