Day: January 24, 2009

Why hast thou stabbed me with a steak knife?

there is no dog! it never ends!

Turns out my little victory dance was a bit premature. I still can’t copy CDs. It’s just one dumb problem after another. I should have about two hundred CDs to play with by now. Not that I would ever find that many people who wanted a copy of one of my albums, but at least I would have a nice supply at my disposal.

Instead I have three. Three copies.

This is why there aren’t any at Dr. Disc, and why I haven’t yet been able to really send any out in the mail. It’s ridiculous. Computers seem to have some sort of vendetta against me right now.

If I’m not able to rectify this situation by the end of the weekend, I aim to destroy every existing copy of the new CD and pretend it never existed. My wrath will know no pronouns. Only adverbs.

I’ll let you know when/if I finally have some copies to work with.