Hope? Hope? Hope? Hope? Maybe.


This, my friends, is a ball sack. Ha! Hahaha! Oh yes. I kill myself. Then I revive myself so I can die all over again.

I think we might have found a solution to the CD-related stupidity. Maybe I don’t have to make good on my threat to destroy every copy after all. And maybe by the week’s end I’ll finally be able to drop some copies of the new album off at Dr. Disc for anyone who wants them and begin the adventure that is sending CDs off in the mail to all sorts of exotic places.

Would you believe I have fans in Brazil? Of course you would. It would be a lie, but you’d believe it, because my powers of persuasion are beyond reproach.


  1. I hesitate to say that I never thought that I would see the day where I would see the “ballsack” but that day has come and what a fine ballsack it is.. Hail to the ballsack.

  2. hi johnny,

    just wanted to thank you for leaving your last couple cds in my cjam mailbox. i’ve been enjoying listening to the new one in my car for the past several weeks. particularly ‘will work for food’.

    also, i love finding new dance moves online.

    thanks again,


  3. Hey, my pleasure! I’m glad you like it. Thanks for playing my noise on your show. Hopefully I’ll have another new one to give you before too long. Gotta saturate the marketplace while the iron is hot…or strike while the chickens are hatching…or something to that effect.

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