Yes. Hope. Finally.

At last, there are copies of the new CD at Dr. Disc for anyone who wants them and I can start sending some out in the mail as well. My CD copying woes are over. Praise the lord. Praise him. PRAISE HEE-YUM!

Or, as a wise man once said, “Praise be, Rice-A-Roni Noodle Cake.”

Wait…it was me who said that, about eight years ago. Never mind then.

More exciting news be comin’ soon.


  1. I would like to lodge my vote for “the sun is a red ball of lies tonight” as one of the best songs ever written. Is there a form I can fill in?

  2. Mr.West…
    Though my love for Chicken Angel Woman… was (and is) grand, I’ve run off with your new album. I just drove for hours through the foggy countryside with ‘An Absence of Sway’, and it was ideal. I’m so glad you’ve a piano now, and if it’s taking up too much room you are welcome to store the Arp with me.
    Thank you, ever so much.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Stephen. Having a real piano at long last is a dangerous thing, I’m finding. It would be easy to just play nothing but piano all the time and neglect the other instruments entirely. I must be strong, for the sake of things with strings.

    The Arp Omni-2 is a pretty rudimentary poly synth (though the string section appears to have been given a pretty thorough workout in the late ’70s and early ’80s — I think the synth itself even appears in the video for the Loverboy song “Turn Me Loose”), with simple VCA, VCF, and LFO controls, and no program memory at all. But it does have a certain funky thing about it that no digital synth I’ve played seems to be able to emulate. I should have used it on more than just two or three songs on the new CD. I’ve been neglecting it for far too long and only recently starting to make up for lost time with it. Maybe I should try running it through an old guitar effects box or something. I basically used the thing as a glorified shelf for a good few years there, before realizing it was capable of a lot more than I initially thought it was.

    Speaking of synths, that Yamaha SK50D of yours is quite the impressive beast. I think I’d be lost with that much analog synth on my hands. I wouldn’t know where to begin with so many parameters to work with.

    As for “The Sun Is a Red Ball of Lies Tonight”, I’m flattered y’all think so highly of that track, but I really think it’s the viola that does it. Take that away and there would be a gaping hole running through most of the song. It’s a magical thing, that viola. Or at least it is when Anna plays it on Christmas Eve.

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