Hey Mickey, you’re so fine. You’re so fine, Minnie wants to get with you.

My article isn’t in the Windsor Star today after all. Now I’m told it’s going to be next Monday, the 16th. I guess we’ll see.

The next album continues to move along, in spite of this stupid cold I have right now. So far there are fifteen keeper tracks that have been recorded (I think they’re keepers, anyway), along with a few out-takes. Some of them still need a little extra decoration, and a lot of them haven’t been mixed yet, but I’d say I’m a little over halfway there. Maybe creeping up on two-thirds of the way there. And when I get there, we’ll all dance together and donkeys will weep tears of joy.

On a random note, a few years back I thought it would be interesting to hear what some of my songs sounded like backwards. In most cases it’s just kind of funny. But when I reversed “Fidget” it became something else…like a strange cousin to its former self. So here it is, for your amusement — “Fidget” in reverse. It also provides us with the revelation that “she gone” backwards is somehow “neye-gish-uh”. Now there’s something you want to shout at random people, so when they reverse your words at a later date they’ll know what you were on about.

Fidget (in reverse)


  1. ha! that is amusing, and amazing.
    i remember using ‘fidget’ in a little movie i made at york. maybe now i should play the movie backwards and use backwards-fidget as the soundtrack!

  2. You could be onto something there…a backwards movie. Turn that whole scrambled-timeline film structure on its head and have the whole thing run in reverse! But maybe do what David Lynch did, and have the actors speak their dialogue backwards, so when the film is reversed you can make out what they’re saying, only it’ll sound strange and otherworldly. “The…RRRRRED bus is coMING!”

  3. hmm, irriversible is one of the few films I have strongly recommended people *not* to see. Awful movie! Makes me feel sick just to think of it.

  4. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I like Fidget in reverse. I particularly like the “Aye Gish Oooh, Aye Gish, Nye Gish oh oh oh … ” especially when it gets a bit quieter, very evocative.

    John Safran (Australian comedian) did a good attempt at doing Ozzy Osbourne backwards. He danced and sang in reverse around a busy train station. I tried to find it on you tube but unfortunately he’s had it taken down due to copyright.

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