it’s about love.

thursday night was the big show at the room — tara’s cd release party. martin schiller (aka 87 things for the future) played, the locusts have no king played (with tara playing acoustic guitar and singing harmony), and then tara took the stage with her merry little band of sharply dressed men. we were all looking pretty stylish and dapper, i have to say.

and it was a lot of fun, man. if you weren’t there…then you were probably somewhere else. but if you were there, maybe you saw me wearing extreme isolation headphones at some points to shield my ears from the loudness. to hell with looking hip…protect your ears, i say! i need to get some of those custom-made earplugs so i can be more discrete about it. temporary threshold shift is not our friend. also, i’d like to thank the man behind photo404 for letting me use some of the pictures that he took that night over here. thanks to adam as well for letting me borrow his keyboard for the show. i’m in love with how lightweight that thing is.

starting at 11:00 pm, there was a simulcast going on and the music was broadcast live on CJAM (and i should pause to note that their proposal to be moved to 99.1 on the fm dial, complete with protected status, has been approved! rejoice!) as it was being performed. so even if you weren’t there, you could hear it live on the radio, and you can hear it here now. because i’m all about sharing the love.

the recording quality is a little rough, at least in its current mp3 form. i wish brendan’s bass came through much louder, though i do like the way the drums sound. there are some feedback issues, but i think they were mostly happening on-stage and probably not so obvious out in the audience. i’m pretty sure most of it came from my banjo mic. i need to get a pickup of some sort…mic’ing that thing is not so easy in a live setting. i had to be turned down so low in the monitor that i couldn’t really hear what i was doing at all when i was playing that instrument, and what i could hear of it sounded hideously out of tune. and there were still on-stage feedback issues even then. so it was a relief to hear from the broadcast that not only was i pretty much in tune, but aside from a drop-out during part of the first song and not being that high in the mix initially, i was also quite audible. hooray for me, i say.

fun bits included an unexpected change in the setlist that had me hitting a piano chord before realizing i played banjo on the song and had about three seconds to grab it and get the mic in place for an opening solo bit (hence the feedback and hasty fade-in), chad’s twist-style drumming fake-out at the beginning of “100 years” (which cracked me up), and tara’s parental advisory bit before “over-eager heart”, among others. you can hear me in there at a few points, asking if i’m in tune and what song comes next, and talking about boogieing and taylor swift. minus the taylor swift.

we only really had a few rehearsals before the show, but this was by far the most fun i’ve had playing music in a live setting in quite a few years. i hope everyone who came out had a good time and bought a copy of tara’s cd. i know i got my copy, and it looks mighty sleek.


the set is in two parts here, partially because CJAM’s mp3 archives are split up in hourly increments, and also because “s.o.s.” (the new song at the beginning of the second part, ending the set before tara’s solo encore) is, i think, maybe the best performance of the night. we only got to rehearse that song a few times as a band and i’m still not sure we all know it completely (or at least i’m not sure i do), but it sounds pretty wild to me. it was fun to have an opportunity to go a little bit apeshit on the keyboard, and i really dig chad’s drumming, and brendan’s tasty bass runs, and the way tara sings like she’s kind of possessed. fun times, my friends. fun times. hopefully there will be more to come in the future. i think the four of us make a good team. maybe next time i’ll even try my hand at singing more harmony, if the feeling’s right.

most importantly, congratulations to tara on the successful launch of her first cd! and long live jason the boy’s man.

Tara Watts CD release show 3/26/09 part I

Tara Watts CD release show 3/26/09 part II


  1. I was kind of sad that song isn’t on her album, but glad she still sings it. Saw her at Phog last night again but was kind of busy there with other things talking with local bloggers.

  2. While driving today and enjoying the beautiful day, I listened to Chicken Angel Woman With a Triangle. I said it before and I will say it again what a GREAT compilation of songs. It gets better with age. What a masterpiece!! This CD should be getting massive exposure and heard by major radio stations and written about in magazines – it is that great. What an incredible, incredible talent!

  3. i don’t know if i’d go that far, man…but it could be a hit with chicken-angel-women. i think they would be touched to discover that someone without wings or a halo sympathizes with their plight.

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