Coming soon to a bordello near you.

A few improvised piano parts and a sprinkling of esoterica later, that album with a ridiculously long title is finished. Hooray, I say. Now I’ll hope my projected track list works out, venture out into the world tomorrow to get the inserts done, and early next week copies should be going out all over the place. Brace yourselves. Some serious booty-shaking may ensue. That is, if an increase in dirty words and dissonance makes you feel like shaking your booty. The sexy new-old tenor banjo only got to strut its stuff on one song, but there’s always the next album, and the one after that, and the one after that.

Again I had to cut myself off at a certain point to keep it a single disc. I haven’t pushed the limits of what I could fit on one CD this much since back in the Guys with Dicks days when I sometimes had to excise extraneous pieces of twenty-minute-long tracks in order to get them to fit on an already-packed CD.

At least I seem to be back on track when it comes to releasing albums in a timely manner, even if I’m not quite back to being as productive as I was four or five years ago. Two full-length albums so far this year is a pretty good start, anyway. Let’s see how many more I can spit out before Santa Claus starts boozing again. Maybe a good goal for now is “seasonal releases”. I’ll give you a rock album for the summer, prog-rock/hip-hop for the fall, and a death metal Christmas album to cuddle up with during the winter. Or maybe not.

At least you know the thought is there.

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