clerical hysterical.

if i had a quarter, i'd have twenty five cents. radical.
after much copying of cds, and much printing and folding of inserts, and much taking-apart-and-then-putting-back-together of jewel cases, the new cd is now officially available for everyone to use as a coaster/frisbee set. never let it be said that i don’t share the love. i made a pretty hefty cd run today, spreading about 50 copies around town. there are some at phog and dr. disc for anyone who wants to grab one, and a bunch will be going out in the mail over the next little bit as well.

i’m not sure if people will really be into this album. compared to something like CHICKEN ANGEL WOMAN, it’s kind of got a case of multiple personality disorder. but i think i’m pretty happy with how it turned out, as ugly as it is in some parts. at least it’s honest. i probably could have mixed some things better if i had spent more time on them…then again, i’m never going to be much of a proper “producer”, and i’m never going to find the perfect mix no matter how much tweaking i engage in. i think it would be a waste of time trying to achieve sonic (or any other kind of) perfection, at least in my case. so i’ll settle for a series of imperfect mixes done in the heat of the moment, along with the usual mistakes. and so too will you…because i give you no choice. you must obey me!

anyway. the aspect ratio of the cover photo had to be skewed a little in order to make it proper cd insert size, but i think i almost like it better that way. the wooden gun appears slightly less abnormally long and almost has a snubnose look to it, as you see above. album information — and the cover photo with its original dimensions — can be found over HERE.

also, if you’re into female artists that make kind of ethereal/sometimes creepy music, or just into music that’s a little off the beaten path in general, you should check out natasha khan, a.k.a. bat for lashes. i haven’t heard the new album yet (it’s on order at dr. disc, and the fact that scott walker has a vocal cameo is pretty enticing), but i threw on fur and gold yesterday after not listening to it in a long time. i forgot how good that album is. if the endings of “sad eyes” or “bat’s mouth” don’t make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, well…you probably have no hair on the back of your neck. but fret not, for anyone can learn to grow it. and i can teach you how it happens, for the low, low price of YOUR IMMORTAL SOUL.


  1. Had the pleasure of listening to the new Johhny West CD while sipping a brewsky at Phog tonight and man it is GOOD! Congrats again on making funtastic music that is fun and full of great songs and some surprises. Love is in the air!

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