Day: May 1, 2009

No more April showers for in-grown flowers.

The response the new album is getting so far has been pretty surprising, at least to me. I was expecting people to be put off by the increase in swearing and general not-so-niceness. That doesn’t seem to be the case. Seems like every time I say or think, “It’ll really surprise me if people like this album,” they go ahead and end up liking it anyway. Maybe the next time I get really excited about something and proclaim it to be my BEST! WORK! EVER! no one will really be into it at all. I think that would be a funny turnaround.

No word yet on what TPSOTSAA (The Person Some of the Songs Are About) thinks of the music she inspired, but I don’t imagine she’s a big fan. Hey, you can’t win ’em all.

There’s even a review of the album over here. Thanks to Adam for the kind words, and for all the support over the last few years. I’m not sure if it quite fits the bill as a true breakup album, and if there is a Blood on the Tracks equivalent in my discography it’s probably a seven-way tie between the last three full-length GWD albums, the CASTRATED EP, and my post-band trilogy of solo albums from 2002. But not many people are ever going to hear any of that stuff, and the new album is easily the most personal thing I’ve put out there in a while, so maybe it does fit the bill after all.

I might not have a “Tangled Up in Blue” in my catalogue of songs, but I’ve got an “If You See Her, Say Hello”, and it’s called “If You See Her, Don’t Say Hello; Tell Her She Can Chew on a Stick of Gum That Has Lost Its Flavour, Because Anything You Do Will Probably Come Off as Being Petty, so You Might as Well Have Some Fun”.

I really have no idea where to go next. As I’ve said a time or two before, it felt like this new album was sort of the ending of a loose, unplanned, and unintentional trilogy. It may not really be the end of anything, but after making three albums that feel like they’re somewhat connected at least in terms of the sound world they create, I think it’s time to go somewhere else to try and keep things from getting stale or predictable.

I guess I’ll figure something out. There are too many things swirling around in the brain right now. Don’t get me wrong — it’s a great problem to have. It just makes it difficult sometimes to decide what to focus on. Maybe it’s time to get synthesizer-happy again after going the more organic route for so long. Maybe I should get back into working with forcibly non-repetitive song structures after returning to the land of more conventionally structured stuff for a while, just to keep my toes nimble.

Whatever ends up happening, there should be another album of some sort before long, probably sometime during the summer. It’s a nice feeling to be somewhat prolific again, like I used to be before revamping the studio and living attached to a crack house slowed me down for a while. I don’t plan on slowing down again. So prepare yourselves for me spamming you with a lot more new music at various points throughout 2009, ’cause it needs to be released, and ’cause you’re lying to yourselves if you think you can’t use the extra makeshift coaster-and-frisbee sets.