Day: May 7, 2009

I feel it all, except for those parts I don’t feel so much.

the chicken angel woman, in colour

Katie sent me some coloured Chicken Angel Women back around Christmas. I forgot how cool they were until I came across them again a few nights back. I think this might be my favourite one.

Maybe we’ll do a colour cover for a reissue in 2034 after I’ve sold my soul to a record label called Possum Necrophilia. It’s better than selling your soul to Sony/BMG, right? At least at this label they recognize the possum population and the sad fate that awaits the expired bodies of some unlucky specimens.

Speaking of reissuing stuff, I’ve been thinking about maybe giving the proper packaging treatment to some things from the back catalogue no one has ever really heard. Specifically a few of the better Papa Ghostface albums. I’m not sure why. I just think it might be a fun thing to do. The only potential roadblock is going to be coming up with cover art.

I’m not sure if any of the people who are into what I’m doing now would be fans of the PG weirdness of old, but I’m still fond of a lot of that stuff. Might be fun to share with random people, now that there’s an actual audience for the noises I’m making, to say, “Here are a few of the six million places I passed through before I ended up here.”

Something to stew on.

In general, things seem to have exploded over here lately. There’s Adam’s Field Assembly CD release show on June 5th — an early all-ages show at Phog that will just be the two of us along with Dean Drouillard (making it the three of us, if you want to get accurate with the math), and then a later show at the FM Lounge that will feature a seven-piece band. Both sets should offer some interesting contrasts.

In addition to playing both of those sets, I might possibly maybe — Bjork song title surprise, ahoy — be playing a short set of my own to open the show at the FM Lounge. I’m not sure yet.

Then there might be a show with Tara and the gang sometime late in the month at the Loop, though I’m not sure of the details. And then maybe a few more in June and July. I’ll report back on that once I know what’s happening.

On top of all that, there’s the plotting of the next album, and a bunch of collaborative things are going on.

It all sounds like a muddled mess right now, but I’ll sort it out before long, and it’ll make sense eventually. Sort of. Probably.

And check this out: one of my songs somehow made its way onto a podcast. In Germany. You can listen HERE. Or if you don’t like clicking on links, you can listen right here.

Machtdose May 2009 podcast

I don’t know German, but as far as I can figure it, Machtdose is a show on Frankfurt’s Radio X. It’s also a blog/website/collective of some sort that produces a monthly podcast featuring some of their favourite tracks from around the internet. Or maybe roland (the DJ) is the man behind it all, and it’s a solo mission. I can’t say for sure.

May’s edition of the podcast is made up entirely of music from the CLLCT website where I posted a few things a little while back. The song of mine that was selected took me by surprise. I was expecting something off of CHICKEN ANGEL WOMAN after hearing a few banjo-heavy tracks at the beginning of the podcast. Instead, I’m in there around the twenty-five-minute mark with “Disowned Umbrellas”.

It’s surreal to hear that cool-sounding voice mention my name. It cracks me up when Roland reads my little bio/self-description (“I’m a guy, I have hair, and I make noise”) and then says, “That’s probably not true…”

Anyway, huge thanks to Roland and Machtdose for this unexpected airplay/recognition. And just as general thing, I think the podcast gives you a pretty solid idea of the breadth of talent on offer at CLLCT. The variety of sounds in there is mind-boggling, and it’s really just a sample of what the site has to offer. There’s so much great music there you’re not likely to ever hear anywhere else, created simply for the love of it, it’s a little bit crazy.