Urban garlic.

it's the thought that counts.

Random funny cat pictures are fun.

Also, check out these two good-looking guys on the cover of the June issue of WAMM.

There’s even a Sting reference there! And you know how I feel about Sting references. Or maybe you don’t. The point is, if I’ve built this fortress around your heart — encircled you in trenches and barbed wire — then let me build a bridge, for I cannot build a chasm. And let me set the battlements on fire.


I thought it might make sense to put up lyrics for more than just the last few proper albums, so I’ve been slowly working my way backwards and adding to the album pages. A few songs are missing, either because the lyrics were improvised or because I haven’t got around to typing them up yet, but there are now words in places where there were none before.

I think I’ve made my way back to about OH YOU THIS. For some reason it never occurred to me that for all of its “niceness” and being one of my most “normal” and accessible albums, the lyrics on that one are incredibly bitter and cynical. It really reads like a breakup album, even though it wasn’t and I was consciously trying to get away from that sort of thing after just about beating it into the ground over the last several albums leading up to it. I guess in a way it makes sense, though, since I was in the process of destroying what social life I had left and intentionally burning some bridges that were already looking pretty precarious. It’s just strange to be reading words from years past and realizing “Aura of the Insipid” is one of the most morbid set of lyrics I ever wrote, coupled with some of the catchiest music to ever come out of me. Funny stuff.

I still view that album as something of a black sheep, but maybe it’s time to pull it out for a reassessment and try to make it a bit more visually presentable for anyone who might want to hear it.

Some albums I’m not so sure about posting the lyrics for. A lot of things back in the day were improvised, and some of the more unguarded stuff doesn’t look very arresting when divorced from the music. I mean, “So you don’t give a shit about me. That’s okay. That’s okay. Nothing changes without me. That’s okay. That’s okay,” isn’t exactly poetry. But we’ll see how it goes.

In the meantime, all of the thumbnail images on the Discography page now link to their respective album pages when you click on them instead of just showing you an enlarged version of the image itself. I should have done that in the first place, but it never occurred to me until now. I also added brief descriptions for perusing purposes. So if you hover your mouse over an album image some text about the album should pop up. Sometimes there’s too much there to read in one hover, since the text only seems to stay there for about ten seconds, but you just hover on back and the words will still be there. It’s magical.

Max and I have been rehearsing for the show coming up next Friday, and I think things are coming along pretty nicely. I’m having fun taking some songs in different directions, stripping them down, and playing around with some obscure (and not-so obscure) covers. I like the intimacy of the piano/upright bass combination, and there will be a lot of improvising in the midst of structure. It’s a fun dichotomy — taking things that have already been built a certain way, leaving some of them alone, tearing others down and rebuilding them differently…controlled chaos, maybe? I don’t know. It doesn’t seem all that chaotic. I just know my plan is to try and have a good time up onstage, which is something that’s become increasingly difficult for me to do over the years.

Hopefully it’ll be a positive experience for everybody in the room and clothes will be shed in a moving display of collective arousal. If the gospel songs don’t get you on your feet, the Nickelback covers surely will.

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