Reviewage and raw sewage.

dancing eyeballs? of course.

Looky-see over here. Thanks a lot to Matt for all the kind words. Looks like there’s a lot of interesting music and writing on his blog. It’s always nice to have new brain food, so if your brain be hungry, check it out.

Also, on the subject of kind words, Adam Fox says some mighty nice things about me and my spinach supply in the new issue of WAMM. You should buy a copy of his new album Broadsides & Ephemera when it’s officially released at the end of the week. It’s tasty stuff. I’m on a few songs making piano noises, most prominently on “Out of the Arms” and “Still Life”. A lot of the keyboard parts are played by Adam himself, though. A lot of everything is played by Adam himself, actually, which is always something I enjoy hearing, and he did a great job recording the album.

The way to tell the difference: if it sounds like it’s been processed in a cool way or it’s a Wurlitzer electric piano, it’s Adam. If it sounds like an acoustic piano that’s free of effects, then it’s probably me. On “Alkali” it’s both of us — Adam playing the chords, and me playing the lead piano melody along with a heart-stopping glockenspiel cameo. You can hear how much the beast needed tuning at the time the song was recorded, but I kind of like that. As Adam said, it gives it character. I’m on “Daylight” too, but almost all of the piano on that track is Adam’s work. I’m just in there for about five seconds of piano harmony in the middle of the song. I like how he processes the digital piano and dirties it up until it doesn’t really sound digital anymore.

My favourite contribution to the album is probably the piano part on “Still Life”. It’s nowhere near as busy as my playing on that song would later get in a live setting, but I think it fits. I was just kind of winging it when that last piano line came out of nowhere. That’s one of the fun things about playing on someone else’s songs, at least for me. It often inspires ideas I probably wouldn’t have come up with if left to my own devices.

Technical details aside, it’s a great album, and I’m glad I got to be a part of it. Thanks to Adam for having me play on it, and for coming here to record my piano for the occasion — it’s fun to listen and think, “That’s my piano! It’s a real piano!” It’s the stuff rejoicing is made of. I really don’t think I could go back to playing a digital piano at this point, at least when it comes to recording. The real thing has a much nicer shank to it. So if you want me to be a session musician and play piano on your album, you’re gonna have to come to me. I don’t know of any other way to prove our love.

Oh, wait…I just quoted from one of my own songs. Never mind.

And look at that: I’m part of a Facebook event. Fun stuff. Y’all should come out on Friday and give me homemade brownies. It would totally help me play and sing better. Chocolate just has that effect on people. They even did studies that proved it. Don’t ask me which studies or where you can get your hands on them, but they exist. Somewhere.


  1. i also will be accepting brownies. god, they’re good. i will also accept those gigantic muffins that taste like brownies that you can get from milk. those are also good. can you still get those? maybe not…

  2. Maybe I should just bring a box of brownies for the whole gang…you know, as a post-performance celebratory snack. Nothing says “we rocked the house” like chocolate-y goodness and some sort of milk-based beverage, right?

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