Day: June 27, 2009

Papa’s got a brand new synth.

the alesis micron.

I got me a new toy — an Alesis Micron, little brother (or sister) to the Alesis Ion.

Thanks again to Eric for letting me borrow his Ion for a few days last month. Playing around with that awesome thing was what inspired me to get the Micron. It’s pretty cheap and small, which is a strong selling point for me, because I need to conserve all the space I can around here, and because spending money is about as much fun as…well…spending money. But this thing packs a lot of sound and tweakability into a small package.

Needless to say, if it wasn’t already the case, it’s now a pretty safe bet that there will be a lot of synth and general sonic silliness on the next album. I don’t know what it is, but something about new synth sounds always inspires a torrent of new songs to come pouring out of me in short order. It happened in the past with the likes of GROWING SIDEWAYS and WHO YOU ARE NOW, and now I expect it’ll probably happen again. I wish I had this thing a few weeks ago for the show at the FM Lounge. Could have made some pretty wild sounds when Max and I went to hell at the end of “Capricorn Cloves”.

I guess there’s always the next show, which will probably take place in 2011.

Also got me a ridiculously cheap no-name banjo from the 1920s. The tuners are a little weird, but the intonation doesn’t seem to be all that wonky, and the thing sounds better than it has any right to given its price and no-name pedigree. What is it about funky old instruments that makes them funky? Maybe it has something to do with old wood. I’d be hard-pressed to find a new acoustic guitar that really speaks to me now, even in the several-thousand-dollar price range, and yet I can find a guitar that’s two or three times my age at a fraction of the price, and it sounds and feels so much better and more inspiring it’s hilarious.

Old wood: it’s not just getting a second lease on life thanks to the likes of Viagra anymore.

Also, it’s been as muggy as a cow’s rectum outside. All I can say at a time like this is, “Thank God for central air.” Or maybe I should thank Dionne Warwick. After all, she taught me what friends are for.