Roger Ebert calls Michael Bay “pathetic”.

a chandler console that will never be available.

This is a prototype for a Chandler console that will almost definitely never be made commercially available. Drool.

the kate.

This is Kate Beckinsale. She will also never be available. Tears.

Now that we’ve secreted two different bodily fluids in one fell swoop, there’s a new song up at Spyspace. I don’t know how long it’ll be up there, but it’s there now. It should give you a bit of an idea of what to expect on the next album: very synth-heavy, but at the same time I think it’s heading in a more organic direction than something like GROWING SIDEWAYS. I mean, there’s acoustic piano and electric guitar in there, and it’s a lot less skeletal than most synth excursions of the past, though it’s still pretty stripped-down.

I like how when the rhythm drops out near the end, for a few seconds it sounds like sad “game over” music from an old Sega Genesis game. Ah, sweet youth. Maybe it’s time to pull the old Sega box out again for some nostalgic fun. Streets of Rage has some seriously catchy music to enrich the game-playing experience. But Strider will always take the cake for me. I’d play that game just to hear the soundtrack, even if I hated everything else about it.

I know Kate agrees. She can come over and play Strider anytime she wants.


  1. I tried to modify the larger MP3 playlist thing, but the site that hosts the player has been kind of glitchy lately and not reacting very kindly to my attempts at making changes. Ou est le boeuf?

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