We have video action.

I now have the ability to shoot video and immediately put it up here for all to see. Unfortunately, I didn’t downgrade this file to any sensible size, so it took about ten years for one minute of footage to upload.

This is just a piece of a song I still need to record, posted here for no particular reason. Things have a somewhat washed-out look because I forgot to remove the protective plastic cover from the lens before filming (d’oh!), but the sound quality is surprisingly tasty for such a small, inexpensive camera with an invisible built-in microphone.

I wish I had this thing for the FM Lounge show. I was told it was being recorded for posterity, only to be met with blank stares and the old “there were never any plans to record it” bait-and-switch when I asked about it again after the fact. Of all the bait-and-switches out there, that’s my least favourite one.

More exciting video will follow at some point in the near future. Maybe I’ll even finally make good on my threat to record some fly-on-the-wall studio footage, just because.


  1. awesome johnny! i kinda like the sunshine bleeding in and your pj pants…a nice sunny morning. can’t wait to see/her more video. i suppose you will have to do another live show so you can shoot and upload more video 🙂

  2. cool stuff…i’m sorry i’m only hearing of you recently, (complimentary cd from dr. disc thank-you very much)…i think you’re excellent….when i excitedly mentioned a couple of your songs to a guy at work(who is a fixture in the downtown scene), he casually said “yes, he’s very good, been around forever”….anyways, thanks a lot, i love finding out about actual good music

  3. Hey Rog…thanks a lot for the kind words. I guess not playing live much and not doing much of anything to promote the music kind of keeps me under the radar…but all of that will change soon, when I collaborate with Bryan Adams and teach the world what a power ballad can really be in the right hands.

    But seriously, I’m glad you’re enjoying the music. I’m going to try and get something new out there sometime next month. Gotta put out a “barbecue and pool party” album of some sort to capitalize on the summer weather.

  4. I was feeling all bummed out about mariomarathon ending(googlefu that) and wondering how I’ll get over the loss of that amazing stream, and what do I see when I open up dressing to undress today? johnny video!! yay, it helped mend my broken heart :p

    I’m wondering what those of us without pools and barbecues will use the new album for…bathtubs and stovetops version please!

  5. There will be a special bathtubs-and-stovetops version just for you…with a “kitchen appliance advisory” sticker, just to be safe. We wouldn’t want those salt shakers getting offended by nasty language.

  6. i think i have pajama pants that look like that. except they’re not mine, really… they’re a friend’s who i seem to have traded for my sleeping bag.
    also, i remember looking up directions on that computer.

    who is spouting random observations on other people’s blogs? that’s right. it’s mario.

  7. Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen the infamous JW lap & thumb style playing. Amazing skill, look at that thumb go!

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