Sometimes a little yogurt is all it takes.

I was on CJAM today. Not in the flesh, but on Not in My Backyard Adam was talking about how the show today was going feature two past segments repeated, and I thought, “Wouldn’t it be funny if the interview Adam did with me around the time of CHICKEN ANGEL WOMAN was one of the things to be aired again?” And then that very thing happened.

I think I’ve finally awakened my long-dormant psychic powers. Next up, winning the lottery. Six times.

Anyway, that was fun to hear again. Maybe someday I will master the art of getting my brain to work with me seamlessly when someone interviews me. Until then, random references to obscure former wrestlers will have to do instead.

Today I wrote and recorded a love song to an urn containing someone’s ashes. Really. I’m not sure where that sort of thing comes from. I wish I’d been recording video footage of it happening, because it was interesting how the song came together. Maybe next time I’ll think of it. I started out with a Wurlitzer idea, which I then moved over to the Micron instead of playing it on the actual Wurlitzer, just for something to do. I wasn’t sure where to go with it, and I didn’t bother to actually write a song around the idea before recording.

Improvising led to some ugly bits I chopped out after the fact. Then I added some deep organ bass, and the same thing happened. Then I wrote lyrics to go with the music. They didn’t feel like they were going anywhere, but after a slow start a bunch of lyrics suddenly just showed up without much prompting. Somewhere between recording the vocals and adding a bit more synthesizer it started to sound like a proper song. The melodica even got a featured spot, and that’s not an instrument that’s been showing up much in the stuff I’ve been working on lately.

The end result is like some sort of weird electronic ballad, though it isn’t entirely synth-based because there are real drums and some shakers in there, among other things. For something like the third time now I was somehow able to leave the lead vocal naked, just one track, instead of piling two more on top of it through the whole song. I think I’m starting to get used to letting my voice stand on its own again. Sometimes. It’s an interesting switch from what I’ve grown used to, though I think my old triple-tracking ways will win me back before long.

It should be an interesting album when it’s finished. It’s a bit of a change from what I’ve been doing over the past little while. So far every song seems to be pretty much a sonic entity unto itself, with not a whole lot of overlap (aside from my voice), though I’m sure that will change as more songs become involved. I don’t know what I’d call it. There’s a lot of synth stuff going on, but this isn’t like any of the synth-centric things I’ve done before.

Could it be my summer pop album? I shudder at the thought. There are at least a few songs so far that you could dance to, if you were so inclined. So that’s something.


  1. I just had the pleasure to listening to this unreleased song and it just blew me away. It is beautiful absolutely beautiful!!

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