Whoa, whoa, whoa. Everybody must eat snow.

the weirdest dinosaur costume ever?

Just for fun, I did an image search for “sexiest microphone ever” to see if I would find some interesting-looking mics. Google pulled up practically no recording or microphone-related images at all. It did, however, give me the above picture.

Good job, Google.

But anyway. Progress is my lady, and we’re gonna get it on. Like wombats do.

Today I finished a song that I think has kind of become the centerpiece of this whole in-progress album. It’s about eight and-a-half minutes long and sounds like the culmination of pretty much everything I was doing on the last few albums in one song, but then the ending takes it somewhere else, and it isn’t any place I’ve been before. I like it. It makes my cornrows dance. Or, you know, if I had cornrows they’d be dancing right now.

Thing is, it’s turning into a ridiculously dark album for a summer release. I’m not sure why that is, since none of the songs are about or inspired by anyone who actually exists. And there are some songs I’m not sure about right now.

One sounds like a lost Radiohead electronic workout written while high on really bad drugs, in a state of paranoid psychosis. If you don’t think that sounds like something I would normally do, imagine how surprising it was for me to realize I was doing it! I like it, but I’m not sure it’s quite album material. I guess it’ll become clear whether or not it’s going to make the cut over the next week or two as things speed toward the finish line. Another song I’m iffy about is a piano ballad that’s been savaged with huge slabs of synth and vocoder in an attempt to warp it into something less piano-ballad-ish.

I have a funny feeling one of these songs will end up redeeming itself in the days ahead while being messed with some more, and the other won’t quite make it. I should also probably try to throw in a few more uptempo songs so the album doesn’t come off as being too much of a downer. But it’s still in a state of flux, as every album is up until it’s finished, so we’ll see what happens. The way things are going, I think my hope to have it finished and release-ready within the next few weeks is looking good.

One song I know for sure won’t make the cut is a ten-minute monolithic workout that’s in unfinished form right now. I think it has potential — it’s got kind of a metronomic funk thing going on, and it’s a good vehicle for some pretty nasty electric guitar playing — but it would derail this album completely. So it’ll have to wait for something else. I’m sure it’ll see release eventually, like so many other things that spend a while in search of a home.

Also got the chance to mess around with that shiny new EQ a bit, and I’m starting to think there’s some truth to the idea of a bunch of magic elves living inside the casing. It’s a subtle thing, but it definitely does something pleasing to the sound. Even just passing acoustic guitar or piano through the unit with all the settings nulled seems to add a mysterious sheen to things. Maybe it’s some near-subliminal tube stuff happening. I normally don’t EQ electric guitars at all, but on a whim I thought I’d try boosting some high frequencies I would never go near for one part I wanted to add a little extra sparkle to in that eight-minute song. The sound was sweet without getting harsh at all. Sweeeeeeeetness.

A lot of people are ending up here lately after searching for Kate Beckinsale. I’m sure there’s a lot of confusion and disappointment when they realize there’s only a passing reference to her in one post and a single picture. Maybe I should turn this blog into something similar to Mr. Skin and capitalize on the sudden increase in traffic. We could call it Johnny’s Near-Nude Picture Symposium. Yes, my friends…we could call it that.


  1. That picture is INCREDIBLE.

    Near nude symposium? As long as the reason for only being -near- nude is because the subjects are bespectacled, that’s all that matters!

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