Day: August 3, 2009

Jan Terri’s music videos will save us all.

the ribbons are x-rated.

Look at all them ribbon microphones. Even Macho Man Randy Savage wouldn’t be able to contain his excitement. They’re not my mics, but whoever they belong to must be pretty happy.

I aim to get another ribbon mic or two someday. Maybe an AEA R92, or a Coles 4040. Or a Royer. Or maybe just a mic clip for the AEA R88 that actually fits the microphone so I can use it in more than just a vertical position six feet or so off the floor. Then again, I like the drum sound I’ve been getting on the last few albums using it as a front-of-kit mic without being able to do much in the way of creative mic placement, so maybe it’s best that I’m limited in how I can angle and finagle it.

Oh yeah — that new album I’ve been talking about? It’s finished. Now I just need to take care of all the fun post-production stuff.

It was a lot easier to sequence the songs in an order that seemed to make sense when I was working with twenty or thirty of them. For some reason it’s much more difficult finding a good flow when there are only thirteen tracks, most of them on the longer-ish side. Maybe I’m also a little too close to the music right now to say whether it flows well or not. Either way, it’ll take a little while to get the packaging side of things taken care of and to make enough copies of the CD to go around, but hopefully I can get most of that squared away this week.

I’d say we’re looking at a tentative “release date” of sometime next week. Probably later in the week. But hopefully before the end of the week, so I can still get it out there before my birthday. I almost typed “girlfriend” instead of “birthday”. What the hell? But yes. The point is, it’s coming soon.

I don’t think it’s quite the radical shift I anticipated going into the album (do my albums ever end up sounding anything like I expect/intend them to? I’m beginning to wonder), but it’s definitely a change from what I’ve been producing lately. In a way, my albums don’t even really feel like albums to me anymore. They’re just snapshots of wherever I happen to be when they’re recorded, and it’s kind of a crapshoot what’s going to end up on any given CD and what it’s going to sound like when all is played and sung. Duck of the straw, and all that.

Also coming soon to a gas station near you will be the first short-form thing I’ve released in about four years. Yes, my friends — the JESUS-SATURATED BOYFRIEND EP is on its way. I’m not kidding. You’ll see. I’d post the projected cover art I drew yesterday, but I think I’d rather save it for the proper release. It’s intentionally crude and ridiculous, which I think befits such a ridiculous title.

Like the NOSTALGIA-TRIGGERING MECHANISM EP before it, this will basically be a dumping ground for a small group of songs that didn’t quite fit in elsewhere, and I think it’ll act as sort of a companion piece to the album proper. Which makes sense, since most of the songs will be either out-takes from said album or things that weren’t finished in time to make the cut. There’s a gigantic pile of other recent unreleased stuff that keeps accumulating, but the bulk of that is being held over for the eventual completion of THE ANGLE OF BEST DISTANCE.

Now there’s a gargantuan project. By the time it’s finished, it might be so bloated no one will want to bother even listening to it. It’s just one of those things you feel you need to do, even if it’s too gigantic and formless for anyone other than yourself to enjoy. Look for it sometime in 2010, maybe. If you can get through the whole thing you’ll probably never want to listen to any of my music again. Too much Johnny can be a frightening thing.

On a different note, do you remember this?

I sure do.

It turns out my friend Joshua Jesty wrote and recorded sort of a tribute to Andrew W.K. in 2001, long before we knew each other, back when I was trying to strangle an electric guitar and screaming about drugs and boobies, and he was…not screaming about drugs and boobies, but probably also trying to strangle an electric guitar.

If you were as puzzled by Andrew’s popularity as I was, you should give a listen to this right here. I just about spat my carbonated beverage all over the computer screen the first time I listened to it. I think it deserves a music video of its own. It does a nice job of bringing the intellectually-challenged nature of master W.K.’s material — and other things like it — to the surface in a more illuminating way. You probably need some context and a passionate distaste for that kind of music to find it funny, but you know what I always say: context is for heterosexual vampires.