We’re lit, sir.

I put this up in a secret place just to see what it looked like. Then I thought I’d put it here too. Last night’s show was a lot of fun, and I even got to keep my ears intact for a change. Here’s the pudding-proof. Thanks to Ismal for handling the camera.

FIELD ASSEMBLY, live at Taloola (Saturday, August 8, 2009)

Adam Fox
Voice, guitar, master of ceremonies

Stephen Hargreaves
Snare drum, melodica, brushed melodica, bass, terminally cool hair

Some hairy guy
Wurlitzer, harmonies, a bit of ill-advised melodica at the beginning of one song

Funny how the last song wasn’t rehearsed but we nailed the harmonies anyway. And I was almost trapped into playing something of my own as a post-encore encore. Really. There was an amp blocking my way out of the little performance area so I couldn’t run away. Entrapment!

But seriously. It was a good time.


  1. hey!
    what happened to the retirement from live playing!
    that was short-lived!
    lots to watch here, thnx to the cinematographer…..

    1. Oh, I meant what i said about retiring! I’m old and crusty. No getting around it. This was an unexpected one-off, because there was no PA system so I didn’t have to worry about hearing loss for once, and I was always curious what it would be like to play at Taloola. I like that place.

  2. ah….. now i know who “ismal” is. was a fun night – in fact i’m thinking about boycotting public address systems when possible.

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