Day: August 24, 2009

A bit of what I did this morning/afternoon, and an unexpected new addition to the family.

Apologies for the shitty framing/cinematography. Filming oneself while recording is not an easy thing to do. One thing tends to suffer in favour of the other, and in my case it’s the filming that’s going to take a hit to the ‘nads in favour of the music.

The ideal situation is to have someone else manning the camera. That way you don’t end up, say, cutting your own head off with a music stand while recording drums. You can also get some camera movement happening to make things more visually interesting. But for the time being I have no one to film me. So I thought I might do it myself, to give you a bit of an idea of what happens when I’m doing some of the things I do.

In the interest of keeping things from getting too bland, there are only bits and pieces of what I did. I don’t think watching entire vocal takes and drum performances would make for very interesting viewing. So here! Have some bits and pieces!

Thanks to Stephen for linking on Facebook to the sale of that combo organ on Kijiji. I first thought, “That looks cool, but I don’t have the room for it.” Then Johnny Smith and I went out there to Tecumseh, I played the organ on the deck of the nice dude who was selling it, and as soon as I started playing “Alabama Song” by the Doors and got a Farfisa-ish sound out of it I knew I was done for and it was coming home with me.

I’m not sure it really fits in this song, but that organ will definitely be showing up on future albums. You can coax some cool sounds out of it, with a grit and personality no digital organ emulation can tap into.

Also, you can’t really see the stereo ribbon mic in front of the drums, but I assure you it was there. Or maybe I just recorded the drums without microphones at all. Like magic.