Just a fool to believe…she’s got no fins.

My sleep is a mess for the nine hundredth time. Soggy brain. Ad infinitum. Ad nauseum. Add sugar. Add salt.

But I do have this thing now.

polaroid spectra 2

It’s a Polaroid Spectra 2. A woman in Windsor was selling it for ten dollars. That’s a no-brainer for me. Film for this camera is hard to find and in some cases absurdly expensive, but it is out there, and I did find some. It’ll probably get here next week sometime.

In the meantime, there were about three exposures hiding out inside of the camera. Who knows how long they’d been there. I took a picture of myself and watched it develop. There’s always been something I liked about Polaroid cameras. Almost a nostalgic thing. It’s hard to put into words.

Been working a bit on songs intended for the JESUS-SATURATED BOYFRIEND EP. If it isn’t finished by the end of the month, I expect it should be out there come early October. That is, assuming the songs work well enough together in EP form. It’s shaping up to be one of the longer EPs I’ve put together, closer in length to something like BRAND NEW SHINY LIE than, say, the PAVEMENT-HUGGING DADDIES EP. But I guess we’ll see what happens as it gets closer to the finish line.

I think I’ve listened to the finished version of that sketch I put up here (the full version is up at Spyspace for the time being) about eighty times now. It feels like one of the most perfect things I’ve ever done. Which makes no sense at all, because it’s a not-all-that-well-recorded improvised sketch I just padded out to make it more like a proper song.

Must be the soggy brain. I mean, when you start dreaming about Amy Grant and Marc Jordan being a couple, leaving the music business behind to make handmade acoustic guitars without any interior bracing, something strange is going on.

Either way, I think I’m starting to figure out where I want to go with the next proper album. I’m going to shoot for a December release. Gotta try to get one more out there before the year is gone.


  1. What kind is your Polaroid camera? Some take the 600 format film, and some the 1200 or whatever it is…I best not be gettin’ you the wrong kind of film. That would make the baby Jesus very unhappy.

  2. you do need one more full album by year’s end! I mean, the old Johnny released 7 albums a year. I hope the old Johnny is still here.

  3. He’s still here…I can see him! He’s peaking his head out of the cave he’s been hiding in. He’s…he’s giving me the finger! What a guy. I mean, technically he just flipped himself off. I’m impressed.

  4. hey johnny,

    can i borrow your spectra sometime? i have two packs of film and the spectra that my friend bought me at vv…all of it turned out green/black.

    i will take good care of it 🙂 no rush of course.

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