Leafy loafy lefty loosey larvae.

The other day I took some Polaroid pictures of leaves. It was about time I pulled out the old scanner and gave it some action.

This one was taken from the driveway. Not that I drive or anything…but it’s fun to see trees like this as soon as you walk out your front door.


At Willistead park.


I don’t remember ever seeing pink/purple leaves like these ones before.


Or these ones.


This one came out kind of blurry for some reason, but I like it anyway.


This one, not so much. There wasn’t much light left to work with, and the camera wasn’t feeling it.


I need to take more leafy pictures when there’s more daylight to work with, while there are still trees left that haven’t gone bald. And I’m not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination. But I’m enjoying this Spectra 2. I wonder if I can “pull a Grandpa” and fool people into believing I’m really a professional photographer, convincing them to pose nude for me and my Polaroid camera. I think I’ll try that on the next random person I encounter, regardless of age, gender, or shoe size.

(I’m not actually going to try that on anyone. Ever. Just so you know.)


  1. add me to the pile who’d totally strike a pose for your Polaroid film. I’m digging these pics! those trees are so beautiful. one of the downsides to living in the desert is the lack of tangible autumn 😦

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