In the studio with T-Rizzle and J-Wizzle.

At long last, here is some more “in studio” video. But this time it’s more interesting, because there are two people doing a bunch of stuff instead of just one, and the camera actually moves around sometimes instead of being a static observer.

This should give you an idea of a little bit of what happens when two guys with facial hair get together in a room full of instruments and musical equipment. I only wish I captured Travis singing in the voice of Kermit the Frog. The pathos would bring a tear to your eye. I swear it would.

The original file is gigantic and takes hours to upload, and right now it keeps crapping out on me. WordPress seems to not like it when I give it files in excess of a gigabyte lately. It’s odd, because I’ve uploaded files twice that size with no trouble before. So this is a compressed version. Hopefully at some point I’ll be able to get it up here at the intended quality level, though I don’t think it took too much of a hit in shaving it down to blog-friendly size.

Until that time comes, remember the wise words of Eddie Money: “No, you can’t spend me. I’m not paper. Stop making currency-related jokes at my expense! I am not ‘so money’! Don’t make me pull out my saxophone!”


  1. hmmm, what was going on with that acoustic? what pedals/fx/room tone were you rocking it thru? was it an electric?
    sounds damn good tho….

  2. It was just an acoustic guitar into a grunty old tube amp I have, with the amp’s tremolo engaged. No pedals at all, if you can believe it, and only the natural distortion of the amp. It’s got 10 watts to it, if that, so it’s easy to get it to break up without shattering the windows. There’s something magical about Travis’s Martin acoustic guitar and the pickup in it…I’ve never heard an electrified acoustic sound that good before. Just a track or two of that glues things together in a mix an amazing way.

    I also had two mics on the amp — one of them thanks to you! Sometimes an SM57 and a Sennheiser 421 together are just the ticket. Definitely worked for me on something like “Generic Love Song to Play at Your Wedding”, cranking up that amp and driving it into distorted bliss.

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