Pick it like you mean it.

I guess after barraging you with YouTube videos for a while it was about time I started barraging you with videos that didn’t originate from there. So here’s a little bit of visually uninteresting messing around on the Martin 00-17. It ain’t the tidiest playing, but I wanted to get the idea down while it was fresh.

If I didn’t like that guitar so much in its current open D-flat tuning I’d drop it down even more open C and I think my jaw would drop down to my genitals. And then I could nibble on my wee-wee!

Did I just type that? I guess I did.

Also, last night I was fortunate enough to catch a new Steven Seagal movie on TV called Driven to Kill. In it, our man Steve plays a Russian mobster — complete with a Russian accent (really) — and he has lines like, “The men who did this will cry tears of blood.” It needs to be seen to be believed.

It is, quite simply, the best movie ever made.


  1. check your mail Martin just sent you a thank you card for your great strummin!! Bravo!!! Please do more of your videos as theys swell!

  2. If I could play that with only one hand, I would…well, I’d be mighty impressed by my hand, that’s for sure. I might just ask it to sign my other hand. It was just crappy camera work. I must put more effort into capturing both hands in the future. Otherwise my fretting hand will rise up and take its revenge.

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