Day: December 10, 2009

I’m spreading lint like a taoist now.

A few days after being a cover story in WAMM, I find out I’m in the Windsor Star as well. That’s pretty crazy. I’ve never sent any CDs to the Star for review, and I was surprised to see that particular album get the nod, since it’s easily the most bloated and intentionally messy thing I’ve done in recent memory and perhaps not the best place to start (something like CREATIVE NIGHTMARES or CHICKEN ANGEL WOMAN might be a better starting point for the uninitiated).

But I appreciate the kind words. Thanks to Dylan for the writeup. I like this bit: “Attempting to figure out the method of West’s madness would be like trying to figure out how Nickelback has sold over thirty million albums worldwide.” A Nickelback slam! Yes! A man after my own heart. Maybe IF I HAD A QUARTER… being reviewed now when it’s already kind of old hat has something to do with the WAMM article implying it’s the most recent thing I’ve done, which is…not quite right (that would be this thing over HERE), and not really an accurate reflection of where things are headed.

Where are things headed, you ask? Stay tuned for a cohesive thirty-minute, ten-song album with no odd stylistic detours and song titles like “The Girl I Love” and “The Girl I Love More Than That Other Girl I Love”. I shall call it Westicle, and the world will be mine.

But on a note that isn’t so silly, I’m going to try and get some video up here in the next few days that has something to do with the still-in-progress next album. So be prepared for loud electric guitars and perhaps a bottle-opener solo or two.