I’m spreading lint like a taoist now.

A few days after being a cover story in WAMM, I find out I’m in the Windsor Star as well. That’s pretty crazy. I’ve never sent any CDs to the Star for review, and I was surprised to see that particular album get the nod, since it’s easily the most bloated and intentionally messy thing I’ve done in recent memory and perhaps not the best place to start (something like CREATIVE NIGHTMARES or CHICKEN ANGEL WOMAN might be a better starting point for the uninitiated).

But I appreciate the kind words. Thanks to Dylan for the writeup. I like this bit: “Attempting to figure out the method of West’s madness would be like trying to figure out how Nickelback has sold over thirty million albums worldwide.” A Nickelback slam! Yes! A man after my own heart. Maybe IF I HAD A QUARTER… being reviewed now when it’s already kind of old hat has something to do with the WAMM article implying it’s the most recent thing I’ve done, which is…not quite right (that would be this thing over HERE), and not really an accurate reflection of where things are headed.

Where are things headed, you ask? Stay tuned for a cohesive thirty-minute, ten-song album with no odd stylistic detours and song titles like “The Girl I Love” and “The Girl I Love More Than That Other Girl I Love”. I shall call it Westicle, and the world will be mine.

But on a note that isn’t so silly, I’m going to try and get some video up here in the next few days that has something to do with the still-in-progress next album. So be prepared for loud electric guitars and perhaps a bottle-opener solo or two.


  1. “Those familiar with West will find his lyrics to be just as original but laced with angst and resentment, in contrast to his previous cheerier albums.” – seems like Dylan didn’t go very far back in the tosteestostas catalogue!

    1. Lucas, I nominate you to do the reviews from now on as I loved reading your detailed thoughts/opinions on songs that you did in the past.

      1. Ismal, I was actually thinking of making my own blog – “The Johnny West Review.” I would just review Johnny West albums. That should keep me busy!!!

      2. OK, you motivated me to get off my lard arse and try to catch up, starting with An Absence of Sway. Reviewage on its way!

  2. I’m still waiting for the happy day when I get another Lucas review. The “Chicken Angel Woman” one was a joy to read, and helped me to realize how face-eating eventually emerged as a theme on that album, at least in the latter half.

  3. And I don’t know, Lucas…digging into the Tosteestostas catalogue can be a perilous journey, complete with 20-minute spoken word pieces, psychotic no-wave reggae, dirty Christmas songs, and so on…but yeah. “Cheery” isn’t a word I would have expected anyone to ever use in reference to my lyrics. I think it’s safe to say he hasn’t heard much of my music.

  4. That’s the best one yet! I think it must end a trilogy of songs about girls. We could call it…”A Trilogy of Girls I Love in So Many Different Ways, or Maybe ‘Amounts’ Is the Better Word to Use Here If We’re Going to Get into Semantics”. It could be some of my best work.

  5. congrats X 2! “if i had a quarter” is actually one of my favourites of your albums. despite the subject matter, i don’t really consider it messy-souding. this girl-love trilogy, however, seems like it could have potential…

    also, nice subject line. tarah clean, is it?

    1. I know how it is. It’s the letter i that seems to get away from me sometimes, at least lately. And thank you, my sweet popsicle of smarf. The “critical consensus” right now seems to be that it’s the most self-indulgent, uneven album I put out in 2009. My response to that is it was the closest thing to a breakup album I’ve made in years, and if that sort of thing ISN’T self-indulgent on some level then it misses the whole point of what it’s supposed to be and isn’t very honest at all. I’d also like to know who the other local artists are that put out three full-length albums this year, each over an hour long, and how consistent THEIR work was.

      Wait, that sounds bitter. And I ain’t that. I’m sweet as melted chocolate in yer purse. The challenge now becomes trying to melt myself in the December cold…

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